5 Exercises To Reduce Back Pains For Pregnant Women


Back pains are very common, more so for pregnant women. Soon to be, mothers suffer most due to various factors like the added weight to their back. A pregnant woman’s body changes over time. Thus, the exercises afforded to them have to put that into consideration. Therefore, here are five easy exercises tailor-made for pregnant women in relieving back pains. It is best to start these workouts early enough, easing up to as much as you can. Make sure to involve your core muscles while doing either routine.

  1. Squats

Squats For Pregnant Women

Squats are a great way to stretch those muscles after a long period of rest. To do this exercise, widen your feet apart, shifting your body weight to your heels—pump in your lower abdomen with your bum sticking out. Slowly move up and down ten to twenty times, and you will instantly feel some relief on your lower back. Remember, as you go lower, inhale all through, then exhale while coming back up.

There are a couple of variations for this workout. While in a lower position, hold onto your knees with both hands, and then slowly twist your upper body. Do not turn your belly area in the mentioned position. After three sets, holding a twist on either side for about half a minute, your spine will elongate, relieving the bulked up pressure on it. You can visit KamaDevaYoga.com for more details.

  1. Arch Stretch

Arch Stretch For Pregnant Women

To start this routine, kneel as your little one would in their first few weeks, on all fours. Widen your hips as comfortable as you can. Be mindful of your tummy, though, not touch the floor, especially if you are far into your pregnancy. Then stretch your arms further forward. Slowly lift your back area to form an arch-like position.

Hold for a couple of seconds, then back down again. It should feel natural as you go up and down. However, your stretch out hands should get closer to you while still on the floor and not fixed in one position. Hold the arch for 1-2 minutes, and then relax. This routine is not only great for your spine and its surrounding nerves; it also helps in strengthening your pelvic muscles.

  1. Ball Rolls

Ball Rolls For Pregnant Women

For rolls, you will need a ball about the height of your hips when you are kneeling. These particular kinds of balls are readily available and affordable. Getting one will also be useful for other exercises when you are not pregnant. To do a roll, kneel upright, and hold onto the ball with both hands.

Then slowly slide your upper body forward with the ball. Your hips should be in the same position as when you started. Your upper body has to be parallel to the floor. Hold this position for a couple of minutes. Slither your lower back area and feel the pressure and pain on it dissipating from it. After some much-needed twist, your abs will tire. Remember, your abs are not the rolls’ focus, thus getting back up and relaxing for a bit of time. You can even rest and open up your pelvic area with the ball. Open up your knees, parallel to the floor. Then lean your upper body to the ball as comfortable as you like.

  1. Side Stretches

Side Stretches For Pregnant Women

Cross your legs while seated and lift your arms high up. Not to worry if you cannot cross your legs. Just spread them out. However, your legs should be wide enough to give you balance. Now move your upper body to one side with your arms clamped together.

Move to one end as comfortable as you can. Hold this position for a moment, inhaling and exhaling longer than usual. Then slowly get to the alternate side and repeat the process. This stretch is perfect if you feel some tension on one side of the body. It lets you work on either side if you are restricted for whatsoever reason.

  1. Glutes Arch

Glutes Arch For Pregnant Women

The glutes arch is similar to the arch stretch mentioned earlier. However, the pertinent difference is that you will start with your back to the floor. Bring your knees closer and widen your arms to provide a balance as you slowly arch upward.

While elevated as comfortably as you like, incorporate some twists to your lower back. This exercise also does wonders for your hip muscles. When pregnant, one is not active per se, and your abdominal muscles weaken gradually. This exercise will nonetheless have you feeling stronger than ever before.

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