5 Fabulous Silver Jewellery Styles We Can Take From Hollywood


92.5 Sterling Silver Jewellery

2019 is the year of ‘Silver’ in Hollywood. Of recent, you might have noticed the mushrooming trend of celebrities featuring silver dyed hair. This is just a promo. In reality, silver these days is the new gold of Hollywood.

The sparkling glamour and fabulous glam-shams of the Silver Screen are no secret sauce. From the jewel bonbonniere of the Red Carpet to the designer costume jewellery we see on the screen, the trendsetters these days are opting for silver pieces in big numbers.

Embellished with a blend of shells, beads, and gemstones, the unique silver jewellery designs have been seen on some of the most prominent silver screen stars, including but not limited to Angeline Jolie, Jennifer Lopez, Emma Watson, Victoria Beckham, Oprah, Gigi Hadid and more.

Taking inspiration from these Hollywood celebrities, here are five such silver jewellery trends you might also like to have a taste of on your ‘jewellery days’ of the week. Just take a quick read below!

  1. Outline Your Ears’ Lines With Ear Cuffs And Ear Crawlers

Peacock 92.5 Sterling silver Earring Amethyst Stone Pearl Hangings

Ear cuffs have been a popular jewellery accessory since ancient history. In the history of India, these ear cuffs were quite prominent among the jewellery collections of the queens and the royals. They would wear spiky or floral undertones of ear cuffs, perhaps even encrusted with precious diamonds and stones. Today, the category of ear cuffs is a common one in the top-spot jewellery stores around the world.

Earlier, these cuffs would be designed taking inspiration from the objects of nature such as leaves, peacocks, flowers, and buds. However, to this day, you will find a huge assortment of intricate designs available in the global market. Ear crawler is one such design. While the term ‘ear cuff’ is usually used for small-sized earrings with their ending at the lower lobe itself, ‘ear crawler’ is used for an advanced version of the same. An ear crawler is an ear cuff that, starting from the lower lobe, extends, sweeps, and orbits towards the upper portion of the ear. Just like a crescent or so!

In Hollywood, many celebrities have been spotted wearing this trend of silver jewellery. Just take a look at Emma Watson in the promotions of Beauty & the Beast. You’ll spot a scintillating silver ear cuff. Or watch Emma Stone on the promotions of La La Land. Her multi-hoop ear crawlers, aren’t these just gorgeous? Many examples are like these. But now, it’s time that you look out for your favourite ear cuffs!

  1. Adorn Your Wrists With Silver Bridge Bracelet

92.5 Sterling Silver BangleTrishul Damroo Turquoise Stone Designer Kada

When Georgia Jagger was spotted with her sterling silver bridge bracelet carrying the name of her beloved, it initiated a trend among young adult women. Or let us take the instance when Kylie Jenner shone her Cartier Love Gold-plated silver bracelet. Didn’t it cast frenzy? Well, frenzy, love, and fabulousness don’t have to be that expensive if you’re thinking. They can be cost-effective too.

Whether it is a sleek bridge bracelet or a heavy ‘Blake Lively’ kind of bracelet collection, silver bracelets for women always offer an elegant and sophisticated look that is hard to match with any other type of metal. The dance of silver metal with intricacy is something extraordinary.

  1. Give Some Dangle To Your Style With Sterling Silver Twisted Hoop Earrings

92.5 Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings For Women And Girls

They are not as twisted as they sound. Hoop earrings are one of the simplest and easy-to-wear styles of earrings preferred by women of all ages. This style of earrings comes secured with a hinged clasp which is meant to join the two ends at the earlobe. Take the variations of shape, size, and texture. And there are innumerable designs you will find in the market upon looking for hoop earrings.

While in India, these hoop earrings have been quite prevalent for ages. From a child being born to a girl being married, these earrings, also known as balis, are gifted to the girl by their elders. However, with the coming ages, this style of earrings has started to become popular even in Western countries. Taken Hollywood specifically, many celebrities are regularly spotted wearing hoop earrings for promotions and functions of various kinds. You might have seen the photographs of Hollywood supermodel Iman Hammam in a famous shoot where she was spotted wearing these sterling silver gold-plated hoop earrings in a twisted design. Just gorgeous!

  1. Look Charming, And Light With Sterling Silver Leaves Choker Necklace

Silver Alloy Oxidized Choker Collar Necklace

Remember the silver screen hit movie Camille? You will be fascinated to know that the leading actress of the movie Greta Garbo was initially offered a silver leaf choker necklace to wear for the movie cameo. Owing to its sharp leaves and tight grip neck, she couldn’t wear it at that time. However, the design of that necklace stimulated inspiration for the jewellery makers.

Call it inspiration or what; the silver leaf style necklaces started to come into highlight after that. If you, too, have a party coming up, or perhaps you need something to pair with one of your dress gowns, this is the design you might want to try this time. Look for a sterling silver necklace designed with an assortment of leaf shapes, petals, floral designs or likewise. Looks magnificent when worn with a woman’s boat neck dress!

  1. Add Some Symbolic Style Silver Pendants To Your Jewel Box

92.5 Sterling silver pendant Aum In Centre With Symbols In Outer Ring

Symbols and motifs are common things in Hollywood movies. Often, fairy tales are filled with oodles of symbols. Take Harry Potter or Alice in Wonderland, or Labyrinth. And so on.

Just like this usage of symbols in Hollywood, the celebrities of Hollywood are famous for wearing jewellery consisting of motifs, symbols, and metaphors. Even the fans do. Do you remember the famous Mockingjay’s Pin silver pendant? This symbolic pendant is quite popular among jewellery lovers these days. In the same way, many Hollywood people have been spotted wearing symbols such as a cross, bats, serpents, eyes, and more like these.

If you, too take an interest in symbols, try a silver chain with a symbolic style pendant dangling down from it. Take some inspiration from your favourite superheroes or wonder Woman.

In A Nutshell

How good the silver looks depends on the jewelry manufacturer, so be sure to buy from a company with a reputable sterling silver jewelry manufacturer. Apart from the jewellery as mentioned above trends, we can take a lot more inspiration from Hollywood pertaining to the celebrity collections of anklets, wristlets, and trinkets. The bottom line is to create your unique style and dive into the vast market of silver jewels and accessories; heads on beautiful!

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