5 Factors That Determine How Long Kitchen Remodeling Takes


Kitchen Remodeling

Have you been dreaming of remodeling your kitchen but are unsure if you want to start the process because of the downtime? Before starting any new remodeling project, it is essential to understand how long it will take and why. Certain factors shape how long kitchen remodeling takes.

The following five factors are the things that will reduce or extend the length of time that it takes to complete your kitchen remodel.

  1. Size And Scope Matter

There’s no cookie-cutter answer for how long a kitchen remodel will take because the needs of every kitchen are different. However, you can get a pretty good estimation if you consider the size and scope of the kitchen in question.

Larger kitchens are going to take longer to remodel than smaller ones. Older kitchens will be more difficult than kitchens in newer homes. The scope of updating and upgrading has to be taken into account, too.

For example, complete kitchen remodels with structural changes will take a much longer time to complete. Comparatively, a minor remodel with light surface changes won’t take nearly as long. Whatever route you choose, a remodel of any size will need preparation and possibly some demolition.

  1. Preparation And Demolition

Kitchen Remodeling Project

The kitchen must be prepared correctly at the beginning of the remodel. This could mean sanding cabinets, priming walls, or removing old appliances. In larger kitchen remodels, demolition will need to take place, too.

Demolition is necessary if the remodel has to have larger pieces removed so that newer pieces can be installed. This includes floors, countertops, backsplash, or walls that are being completely replaced. Unfortunately, unexpected delays may surface as early as the preparation and demolition phase of kitchen remodels.

  1. Unexpected Delays

Unexpected delays come in all shapes and sizes. When delays are not handled quickly, they can push back the project’s expected completion date. In addition, when one portion of the project gets delayed, it is likely that anything scheduled afterward will get slowed down, too.

Things that could cause an unexpected delay during a remodel include, but are not limited to:

  • Weather issues: extreme conditions could cause a setback because of how different materials need to set, cure, and dry
  • Modification requests: sometimes, during a remodel, the homeowner may request a change, addition, or modification to the project that lengthens the project
  • Permit delays: when permits are delayed, work has to cease until the proper permit is approved

If any delays do happen, it’s essential to keep an open line of communication with the project manager in charge of the remodel. This will help you understand how the project is going to move forward.

  1. Plumbing And Electricity

Many kitchen projects, small or large, often involve some adjustment of the plumbing, electricity, or both. Something that seems as simple as adding an electrical outlet requires a licensed electrician. Moving the refrigerator by even just a few inches makes a plumber necessary.

Changes to plumbing or electricity, or both will be a deciding factor in how long it takes to complete a remodel.

  1. Installation Time

New Kitchen After Remodeling

Installation is when all of the magic happens. This is probably one of the biggest factors that will shape how long a kitchen remodel will take.

Some home appliances or features require a licensed professional to be installed properly. Making sure that all work gets done on time is essential because a delay by one person could cause others to have to wait.

Closing Thoughts: Kitchen Remodeling Depends On Five Key Factors

Moving forward with a kitchen remodel can be very exciting! Taking these five factors into consideration can be a good guideline for how long a remodel might last.

The kitchen and project size will impact its time to do the work. Preparing the kitchen for the work to be done also takes time. Demolition and delays lengthen the timeline, too.

The difficulty of any plumbing and electricity changes could impact the remodeling length. Finally, installing new kitchen materials is a factor in how long a remodel might take. To learn more about factors that determine the length of a kitchen remodeling project, contact a company like Callier & Thompson.

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