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Epoxy Garage Floor

A garage is an essential area in your home with many roles in your daily life and whereabouts. While it’s usually a place to park your family vehicle, it can also be a place to tinker with DIY projects or store your excess household items. Some recreate space as their home gym, a game area, or even a man cave for the man in the family. Whatever you intend to use your garage for, one thing is for sure—its floor would experience a lot of abuse from oil spills to dust winded from the outdoors.

Suppose you’re thinking of revamping your garage flooring, and you’re not particularly sure what option to go for. In that case, it’s key to be informed of the different selections available in today’s market. Having great-quality garage flooring won’t only improve your garage aesthetics but will also boost your home value. It’s time to invest in the right flooring option that’s capable of protecting your floors from different particles, stains, spills, and cracks.

Check out the following rundown of what flooring options to consider for your garage:

  1. Epoxy Paint Flooring

Epoxy flooring paint is a popular floor coating for garage floors resistant to many substances such as oil, chemicals, and others that might permanently stain your floors. If you live within the area and want to solve the pits, hollows, and ugly markings on your garage floor, it’s best to look for an epoxy flooring Colorado Springs contractor. This epoxy floor option is available in many colors so that you can recreate your garage into an artistic space.

It takes several steps to apply an epoxy finish. It’s necessary to keep the floor free from grease and oil and patch any cracks and holes. After which, you’ll need to use a primer to seal the concrete. Premixing epoxy garage floor coatings with hardeners is required before application.

But don’t worry because there are now epoxy paint products that are ready to apply, so you can save the hassle of mixing anything. This flooring option can be a DIY project. However, it’s always best to rely on professional epoxy garage floor experts to achieve outstanding results for your well-patched and aesthetic flooring.

  1. Concrete Sealers

One option you can go for is to use concrete sealers. They’re similar to floor paints but are more challenging. If you’re tight on the budget, this is a reasonable alternative. Plus, they’re straightforward to execute since you’ll only need to apply them with a roller or paintbrush. Depending on the product, you can tint them if you prefer, and they dry to a semigloss or satin finish.

Here are two kinds of concrete sealers to consider:

Epoxy Paint Flooring

  • Acrylic Sealer

Every few years, a protective coat of wax or reapplication will help keep acrylic/latex sealer from deteriorating. Like floor paint, acrylic/latex sealer is easily damaged by chemicals. Therefore, it may require proper care once in a while.

  • Urethane Sealer

Although significantly more challenging than acrylic/latex sealers, urethane sealer doesn’t adhere well to bare concrete. This sealer is more expensive than the acrylic one, but it does resist chemicals.

  1. Vinyl Tiles

In addition to being favored for home interiors, vinyl tiles and sheets can also be used to make the most of your garage. They have a high-gloss appearance and offer a somewhat cushioned feel. They’re perfect if you’ve turned your garage into a place other than just the car park.

Vinyl flooring is just as easy to clean and maintain as indoor flooring. Unlike a plain concrete garage floor, vinyl tiled ones will require you to mop or vacuum your floors every once in a while. They do last for a long time, depending on how well you clean and maintain them. They’re priced reasonably well, but hire a professional expert to install them as these tiles tend to create ripples or bubbles when rolled out.

  1. Mat Rollouts

Rubbery rollout flooring comes in different prints, colors, and sizes. If you want to designate a home gym in your garage, these are great flooring options. The mat creates a cushiony feel to the feet and makes working on the floor relatively easier. It’s a great flooring for someone who needs to tinker under the car or sometimes lay down the ground.

If you need to cover an entire garage, you can use several mats together. You can easily move and clean them. While the mats are durable, hot tires and chemicals can permanently stain them. Therefore, many homeowners would choose shades of colors that don’t visibly expose these stains.

  1. Carpet Tiles

Carpet squares are a great option to make your garage feel like a homey and comfortable space. If other family members prefer to spend more time in the garage, opting for carpet tiles may seem a bright idea. It’s ideal if you make it into an extended indoor space. However, garage carpet tiles can’t be used for parking, so consider this option only if you use the space for recreation.

Due to its robustness, carpet tiles hold up exceptionally well and are long-lasting. Sealants can be used to protect surfaces against stains and spills, extending their life. You may treat these carpet tiles like you do with the average carpet in your home. Hence, it’s reasonable to vacuum them regularly or shampoo them a couple of years in between.


All the garage flooring options come with their respective benefits and perks. It’s all a matter of preferences, and it’d also depend on how far you’re willing to spend or create efforts in maintaining them. Invest in high-quality garage flooring, so you and your family get to spend more fun and relaxing time in the garage. Furthermore, upgrading your garage will boost your property’s aesthetics and overall value.

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