5 Fun Design Ideas For Recreational Room At Home


Just like having a kitchen or living room, or bedroom in your home, it is also essential to have a recreational room as well.

As the name suggests, a recreational room is where people can enjoy their favorite activities without playing games, without actually disturbing any other space in the house.

If you’re looking for design ideas to spice up your “rec” room at home, then we are here with some fun options that will definitely keep you hooked to your recreational room.

5 Fun Design Ideas for Recreational Room At Home

  1. Add A Pool/Billiards Table:

Billiards Table

Most of us love playing pool/billiards! But not just that, adding a custom pool table in any room instantly gives an “upscale” feel to the space. This is why you often see them in bars, office spaces, and of course, in recreational rooms. Well, pool tables aren’t cheap. Buying the best pool tables will definitely cost you several thousands of dollars. However, the best benefit of having a pool table is that many people can enjoy and play the game at once.

Thus, having a pool/billiards table is best if you occasionally have parties in your home.

  1. Mix And Match Colors In The Room:

Mix And Match Colors

Most of us associate fun with something colorful. So, the best way to give an instant fun vibe while entering your recreational room is by mixing and matching the colors in the room. For starters, try mixing colors for the room walls. However, make sure not to overdo it as it can quickly become nauseating. Another way to really pop the colors in the rec room is by adding matching rugs, wall hangings/painting, along other decors and items to make the space feel more vibrant.

  1. Add A Bookshelf:

Creative Bookshelf Design Ideas

The idea of a recreational room isn’t only to look like an amusement park at home or entertain guests. It is also where you can come and have some “Me” time without disturbing anyone else. The best way to feel refreshed and have a quality self-love time is by reading the books you love. Installing a bookshelf within your rec room ensures that the collection of your favorite books is always ready when you enter the room and that you don’t have to carry the book(s) from elsewhere. Also, while adding a bookshelf to your rec room, installing it closer to the walls so that your books or the shelf itself isn’t bothered when there are people around and activities happening.

  1. Kid-Friendly Ideas:

Kids Friendly Room

If there are kids at home, then the recreational space also needs to be safe for them. If both adults and kids are using the same rec room, then it is best to set dedicated spaces for the kids so that they do not get harmed in any way. To keep the kids entertained, have designated spaces for their toys and items. Another important point to note has a low-height table to ensure that the kids have an easily reachable surface to do activities like painting or crafts. You can also add a shared space in the room, where you can enjoy hobbies together – good choices here are Lego, model trains with real scale model buildings, or Video Games.

Also, add rugs on the floor to make sure they feel comfortable while sitting on the floor. Darker colored rugs are highly recommended as lighter colored ones will definitely get damaged pretty easily by child use.

  1. Dedicate Space for Your Artwork:

Art Work

If art is your hobby, then you can include a dedicated space to work on your paintings/drawings within the recreational room. Also, showcasing your finished work within the room adds a more personalized vibe to your rec room. But, again, to make sure that your art equipment isn’t disturbed by the other activities that happen in the recreational room, make sure to have a dedicated and safe space to store all your art-related stuff.

Final Words

As we said in the beginning, the purpose of a recreational room at home is to help you feel happy, relaxed, and positive at home.

Therefore, the things you wish to have in your rec room may be very different from what we have mentioned above. We have just tried to give some cool ideas that help you truly enjoy while in your rec room.

Apart from the suggestions above, you can also try adding arcade game stations, musical instruments, etc., if that’s what you’re interested in.

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