5 Great Swimming Pool Renovations


Owning a swimming pool can be fun, especially in the heat of the summer. Hours can be passed with the kids swimming in the cool water. But, if you’re a pool owner, you know that time can fade your once-lovely pool. Take a look at these five ideas for swimming pool renovations to add some life back to your yard.

  1. Renovate Your Fiberglass Liner

Renovate Your Fiberglass Liner

If your pool is looking faded, dingy, or murky, it might be time to renovate or replace your fiberglass liner. Over time, pools can become damaged by weather and sunlight, leaving them looking less like lagoons of crystal water and more like muddy marshlands. A newly renovated liner can put the spark back in your pool.

  1. Switch Out Your Concrete

Switch Out Your Concrete

Let’s face it; a concrete patio is not the most aesthetically pleasing feature of a backyard. Rather than settling on basic concrete, why not go for a rough stone design reminiscent of a mountain spring or a tiled patio to summon images of a Roman bath? A simple change of design can bring years of life back to your swimming pool.

  1. Add A Slide

Add A Slide

If you have children, they’ll love this option. Adding a slide to your pool can make it feel less like you should be swimming laps and more like a play area for the whole family. This is a relatively inexpensive option that everyone can enjoy. Just be sure that your pool is deep enough to accommodate a slide. If not, swimmers could be harmed by this addition.

  1. Include A Water Feature

Include A Water Feature

Adding water jets or a waterfall to your swimming pool will do wonders for revitalizing it. The constant sound of flowing water can turn your backyard into a serene oasis. You’ll spend hours pleasantly taking in the atmosphere of a new water feature and revel in your newly found tranquillity.

  1. Put In A Fire Feature

Put In A Fire Feature

This is possibly not an option for those with children, but a fire pit or a fireplace on the far edge of your pool can give it a classy look. You’ll feel as if you’re in Hawaii swimming at the foot of a volcano. Many romantic nights will be spent out by the pool with a fire feature.


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