5 Health Benefits Of Using A Height-Adjustable Desk


Height-Adjustable Desk

Living a sedentary lifestyle could put our health at risk in many ways. Being inactive and sitting at a desk for long periods in your daily life can impact your mental clarity and will likely slow down your productivity levels, too.

But there are a whole host of other issues that come with sitting behind a desk. That’s where it may be in your best interest to purchase a height adjustable corner desk so you can stay focused but also keep your body moving.

If you’re a little unsure, here are some amazing health benefits you’ll get when using a height-adjustable desk.

  1. Improvement In Energy Levels

Humans are designed to move around instead of being cramped in one position for hours on end. By using a height-adjustable desk, you’re giving yourself the freedom to move your body as and when you need to – while also limiting the stress of being confined to one spot.

If you’re working a job that requires you to be in constant interaction with others, a height-adjustable desk can keep you feeling open to communication, productive, and fresh throughout your working day instead of stressed and frustrated at being stuck in a chair.

Standing as part of your work day should be a habit that you try to incorporate into your daily routine.

  1. Reduce Back Pain

As you’re probably aware, back pain is one of the most common complaints among office workers everywhere. Targeted lower back pain has strong links to both psychological and physical stress.

Sitting in a chair all day long while you work is not great for your back. However, this can easily be resolved by introducing a height-adjustable desk into your routine. The act of standing up for parts of your work day can increase your core strength which may lead to better overall posture. This could lead to significantly less back pain!

  1. Prevent Unhealthy Weight Gain

One of the most popular reasons that workers should get a height-adjustable desk is that it lowers the risk of weight gain and obesity. Weight gain is caused by consuming more calories than you burn.

Though exercise is a great way of getting your heart pumping and your body moving, simply opting to stand for periods of the working day will help you to burn vital calories. Compared to an afternoon of sedentary work, an equal period spent standing has been proven to burn over 170 additional calories in the working day!

It may not sound like much, but over time, that’s an impressive number! By using a height-adjustable desk, you’re actively working to keep your body in shape.

  1. Lower Blood Sugar Levels

Once you’ve eaten a quality meal at lunchtime, your blood sugar levels see a rapid spike. This could have a pretty profound impact on your health if you spend the remainder of your afternoon sitting down – especially if you already suffer from type II diabetes!

Simply put, spending eight hours a day sitting at a desk could completely skew your body’s ability to handle blood sugar. Not only will this make you fatigued, but it may also cause reduced sensitivity to the hormone insulin, which could increase your risk of type two diabetes.

Choosing a height-adjustable desk will remind you to move your body more often, which could be extremely beneficial for your blood sugar levels. This could lead to an increase in overall health!

  1. May Improve Cardiovascular Health

The restrictive nature of sitting means that blood flow slows down all over your body which allows fat to deposit itself onto your blood vessels. Unfortunately, this could lead to an increased risk of heart disease due to a build-up in your arteries.

The effects of a more sedentary lifestyle can be so harmful that even an hour of intense exercise may not be able to offset the negative impact of an entire day spent sitting down!

Any adult who spends over two hours a day sitting will automatically be at an increased risk of cardiovascular health problems such as heart attacks or chest pain. By using a height-adjustable desk and standing for part of your work day, you are allowing an increase of oxygen to your body which will do wonders for strengthening your heart.


Using a height-adjustable desk to complete your workday tasks can do wonders for your mental and physical health! While it may take some getting used to, your body will thank you for all of the benefits you’ll feel by introducing one of these desks into your life.

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