5 Home Décor Ideas For The Budget-Minded Individual


No two people are likely to have the same idea about what looks good in a home. They should not have to, either. What appeals to one might not to someone else. The most critical thing is for you to feel good about your space and decorations.

We’re getting into the spring season, and now is the time when many individuals and families like to redecorate. That’s because spring is the season that makes most people think of renewal. Maybe you’re tired of staring at the same décor over the past few months, and you’re ready for something new.

We’ll go over a few redecorating ideas in this article for the budget-minded.

  1. Paint An Accent Wall

Paint An Accent Wall

It’s worth saying that many individuals and families don’t have that much money right now. The pandemic has taken away many people’s jobs, and severe winter storms have done some damage as well. Texans have already filed an excess of 20,000 winter storm claims, with more to come.

This means that many families don’t have all the redecorating money that they’d like. What can you do if you’re more than ready for a change, but you have very little cash for the job?

New paint can completely change how you feel about a room. Maybe you have a neutral tone that goes well with your furniture, but it doesn’t inspire you anymore. It doesn’t “pop.”

You can completely repaint a room, and it won’t cost you very much, but you might decide that a bright color all around you is too much. You can paint what home designers call an accent wall instead.

An accent wall is one wall that you paint while you leave others a different color. It’s helpful if you select the one wall that juts further out than the others, as you’ll find in some rooms.

You can pick an eye-catching color that will completely change a room’s overall feel. Just make sure that if you’re leaving the rest of the walls the same color that they have always been, you don’t pick an accent wall color that completely clashes with them. You can also add accessories on the shelves that match the new wall’s color.

  1. Hang Some Prints

Hang Some Prints

You might feel like you’re ready to get rid of your band posters or sports memorabilia. They may belong to a different era and a younger you.

Adults often feature fine art in their homes instead of cheap tapestries and blacklight posters. You probably can’t afford a real Monet or Picasso, though.

You can purchase art prints and frame them, and then display these strategically in your home. If you have a living or sitting room, that’s the ideal place for them. Art is classy, and even if you can’t afford the real thing, a replica is most likely going to represent a noticeable upgrade.

Best of all, you can select the artist that most appeals to you. You might be into expressionism, cubism, or realism. Look through some art books for inspiration.

  1. Add Some Plants To Your Living Space

Add Some Plants To Your Living Space

You might not feel comfortable in a home you visit, and you may not be sure why. Often, there are no green-growing things there.

You can change a room’s feel when you add some potted plants. If you don’t think that you have much of a green thumb, you can always get some hardy varieties that will flourish without much sunlight. If all you have to do is water them occasionally, they should do fine, even if you sometimes neglect them.

You can get someones to sit on a bookshelf, or you might hang some other varieties. You can get some beautiful stands on Etsy, or else you might go for a colorful homemade pot.

  1. Use Slipcovers On Old Sofas And Chairs

Slipcovers On Old Sofas

You might feel like your old couch isn’t doing so well these days. Perhaps you have a cat who loves to sleep on it and shed its hair, or maybe your dog has scratched the cushions into tatters.

You might not be able to afford a brand-new one now, but you can still rejuvenate yours with a slipcover. You can do the same thing for some old chairs.

With a slipcover, older furniture looks new again. You might look at some different designs and pick ones out that go well with your paint colors and accessories.

  1. Hide Or Get Rid Of Unsightly Objects

Get Rid Of Unsightly Objects

You might be a dedicated gamer, and you have game systems and games everywhere. There’s nothing wrong with that, but they might clutter your space, and if you’re having people over, that may not be the look you want anymore.

You don’t have to get rid of your beloved PS5, but you can at least get a cabinet or somewhere else to keep it when you are not using it. You can also look around and see if you want to throw away any dated, damaged, or worn-out items.

Getting rid of anything nonessential can free up space. If you’re not sure about whether you need something or not, ask yourself when the last time was that you used it. If it has been many months or even years, that’s probably an indication that you can throw it away or donate it.

Hiding your cords is one bonus tip. You might have cords for your router, TV, game systems, lights, and so forth. If they’re all over the floor, people can trip over them, and they’re also unsightly.

Some cord concealers can correct this problem nicely. You can get them on Amazon for as cheap as $10-15 in most cases. Just bundle your cords together and run the concealer along a wall. Also, if you can’t find ones that match your color scheme, you can easily paint them so that they blend in seamlessly.

Creativity can serve you well as you redecorate, just as much as money can. You’ll often find that scrolling through Pinterest can inspire you too.

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