5 Home Decor Trends To Follow When Moving To The Bay Area


There is no denying the fact is that San Francisco’s Bay Area is one of the most sought-after places to live in the US. The fantastic weather and extravagant lifestyle demand for brilliant interior design that reflects your taste and sophistication. Here are the top 5 home décor trends to follow when moving to the Bay Area, California.

  1. Gorgeous Green Homes

Gorgeous Green Homes

California has recently put a ban on fur sales, banking on the state’s environmentally and cruelty-free progressive mindset, vegan-style green homes are in! This law and the general social climate are pushing residents to switch to eco-friendly spaces, incorporating materials that are not harmful to the planet – also beneficial towards the health of their family. This trend is popularly known as Biophilia, a theory which proposes that humans have an innate drive that draws them to nature. Homeowners want to bring nature inside.

Aside from including eco-friendly products like waste-reducing appliances and ditching conventional energy sources by shifting to solar alternates, Bay Area residents are incorporating more and more plants and other natural decorations into their living space. Studies also suggest that being surrounded by a natural and green environment makes us emotionally stable, having lots of plants at home can provide us with excellent health and psychological benefits. Not only they purify the air we breathe, but they also help us become more focused.

Furthermore, Bay Area residents prefer furniture free of animal materials. They are tending to avoid leather, silk, and wool to stick to the natural pure vegan options.

  1. Colors And Patterns

Colors And Patterns

As far as colors scheme and patterns are concerned, Californians are starting to defy the simplified ‘minimalist’ approach. While the entire country is still stuck in dull white and dull grey rooms, the Bay Area residents are not afraid of playing with colors and filling their living spaces with vibrant home accessories, creative wallpapers, and dazzling furniture. We recommend you check out the Instagram pages of famous Bay Area interior designers to take inspiration.

People are embracing a polychromatic life with their solid-colored furniture. You can even pair your monotonous seating arrangement with different pillows to add character to your home décor.

  1. Self-Care Is The Latest Trend

Latest Trending Interior

When it comes to decorating your present-day home, there is a real importance surrounding ‘self-care.’ It’s all about abandoning worldly things for a while and engaging in practices that help reduce mental and physical stress linked with personal and professional responsibilities.

To help keep a healthy work-life balance, Bay Area residents are starting to incorporate individual spa rooms within their homes that ensure relaxation and peace of mind. These spaces include lots of comfortable and functional articles, including sofas, cozy rugs and carpets, soft colors, and natural lighting to help owners feel more comfortable and calm when they get back home from work.

Even the types of home accessories in your home should switch about your requirements. For instance, you can add water features in your landscaping plans as you might want the calming sound of water to be part of your life. Also, a lot of residents are revamping their faucets to make bath time more relaxing than ever before. The trend for decorated patios and outdoor spaces is also on the rise.

  1. Nursery-Themed Kids Room Is The Thing Of The Past

Back in the day, kid’s bedrooms would be decorated to look like they landed straight out of a bedtime story or a fairytale. Nowadays, many Bay Area residents are ditching conventional specialized kid’s furniture for designs which blend with the rest of their home décor. It is a great way to keep the interior of your home looking vogue. Also, it’s quite practical as children will grow up one day, and to have their room already in cohesion with the rest of your home means there will be no need for a major redecoration.

  1. Wooden Floors And Hand-Crafted Furnishings

Wooden Floors And Hand-Crafted Furnishings

To add sophistication and refinement to home décor, you can opt for wooden cabinets and flooring instead of conventional carpets and rugs. More large plank sizes remain the trendiest preference. Also, machine-made furnishings are being left behind as hand-crafted custom decorative furnishing is getting all the craze. Hand-carved traditional art and hand-woven hangings and blankets will add a personalized touch to your overall home décor.

There you have it. It’s time now to give us your feedback. What are the latest home décor trends you see gain fame in the Bay Area? What unique styles are you planning to experiment within your new home? Feel free to add to the list mentioned above as we would love to hear back.

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