5 Home Improvement Tips For A More Comfortable And Stylish Living


5 Home Improvement Tips For A More Comfortable And Stylish Living

When it comes to your living space, you want to be as comfortable as you can while appearing stylish in the eyes of all those who visit. That’s a tall ask, but the following tips can help you achieve just that.

  1. Let the Air in With Proper Ventilation

Let the Air in With Proper Ventilation

Having a comfortable and stylish house isn’t entirely about how your home looks. According to Laird and Son, an HVAC company that offers air conditioning services in Toronto, it’s about how your home feels, and that comes from a full sensory experience. Having proper ventilation and temperature control goes a long way toward creating a consistently comfortable atmosphere in your home.

  1. Insist on Crown Molding for a Finished Look

Insist on Crown Molding for a Finished Look

The finishing touches could make or break a room — it’s all in the details in the end — and that’s why techniques like crown molding are always a nice touch.

Crown molding brings together and melds the ends of the ceilings and walls, giving it an elegant, finished look that will inspire confidence in you and admiration in your visitors.

The price is surprisingly affordable for such a major feature and readily available to any budget. Of course, you want to go for the widest trim for the maximum impact that your budget will allow.

If your budget allows, you can go for all sorts of molding, including crown, baseboard, ceiling beams, and chair rails.

  1. Watch the Paint

Watch the Paint

The choice of paint is usually the hardest to make — an important one given that all other pieces of decor that come after will be influenced by it. However, if you have your mindset on elegance and style, there are certain color schemes that immediately come to the fore.

There are two major options as far as elegance is concerned — bold and dramatic tones or understated and earthy tones. Both color schemes and tones will add instant elegance, and your choice should depend on which fits better with your personality.

Another very low-cost yet elegant option would be black. Make sure you add some matching black accessories to bring things together.

  1. Pillows for Comfort and Elegance in Your Home

Pillows for Comfort and Elegance in Your Home

Pillows throughout your living space don’t only provide comfort for you and your guests, but they ooze class and style as well.

To amp up the comfort factor, you want to skip the usual 12- to 18-inch pillows and go for larger 22-inch pillow covers stuffed with 24-inch pillows that will provide a real cushion for you and your family and guests to lie on.

If you are looking for a plush, elegant finish to any room, then large overstuffed pillows cannot be overlooked — emphasis on the overstuffed.

  1. Window Finishes – Yes, Please

Window Finishes

Never leave your windows undressed or naked. It makes your home look unfinished, exposed, hurried, and cheap.

Fortunately, window treatments are some of the most budget-friendly accessories you will have to buy, as far as elegancy — and privacy — are concerned. Try to make smart choices when you go to buy. Avoid flimsy materials that look cheap and see-through materials that subtract more from the overall look rather than add.

Go for elegant, natural materials like linen, silk, and cotton, which look expensive but are usually affordably priced.

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