5 Ideas For Using The Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair As An Accent Piece


Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair

The Eileen Gray Chair is both functional and beautiful enough to accentuate the interior of your space. It has stood the test of time and has what it takes to make your interior space look interesting, not to mention it is a great conversation starter. Add one chair to your space and let it tell a unique story and one of a kind to your guests.

It’s a modern classic chair that never seems to go out of style. Designed in the mid-century modern era, the chair is the epitome of innovation. It continues to be popular and finds space in many homeowners’ hearts due to its timeless and resilient design.

There’s no better way to transform your ordinary interior space into something more spectacular than with the Eileen Gray Bibendum Chair. Available in different colors, choosing the right chair can be confusing and overwhelming. It comes with a plush lounge seating and tubular torso you’ll find both functional and beautiful enough to add to your interior space.

  1. Complement Your Modern Interior Decor

The versatile chair can work well into almost any interior décor. Supporting people of varying sizes is over-sized. The curved chairs lines can complement your clean, modern space with straight lines for a fun look. Alternatively, it can contrast a natural-themed interior space with elements such as stone or wood for a cozy look with a natural touch.

The chair’s geometric lines will complement your modern space, be it the living room, kitchen or bedroom. It’ll add a signature of its presence in your living space.

  1. Add Pops of Color in Your Living Room

If your home is in neutral colors such as grays, whites or blacks, you might want to add pops of color to give it life. Pick the Eileen Gray Chair in a bold color of your choice to add to your living room. Choose a color that reflects your style and personality. It’s also important to understand the meaning of colors to help you pick the right shade for your interior space.

For instance, red or yellow colors can add life and energy into your living room. The colors can also reflect your bold personality. It’ll act as a centerpiece in your home. When visitors walk right through your door, the first thing they’ll notice is the bold accent chair across the room.

  1. Use it in the Bedroom for its Functional Form

Keep the chair across the edge of your bed for those times you need to relax in your room without being on the bed. If you’ve got a book to read before retiring to bed, the chair will provide you with the best place to enjoy reading. Choose a color bound to match your existing décor for elevated appearance.

  1. Baby Nursery

Place the chair near the window of your baby nursery to use it as a rocking chair. Use it when soothing your baby to sleep or nursing your little one.

  1. Across the Fireplace

Apart from using it to add color in the living room, it’s also a comfortable chair you can use in winter when warming up across the fireplace.

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