5 Ideas To Refurbish Your Living Room


Our living room is usually the most used spaces in our home. The living room is one place where you unwind, relax and entertain yourself the most after spending a hectic day at work.

Being the frequently used area of your home, the living room is an excellent place to experiment with the interior designing skills that you always had. If you are one of those who get quickly bored with the same kind of décor or change it regularly, then this is the best way to show off your artistic and aesthetic sense by refurbishing your living room without going heavy on your pocket.

There are quite a few inexpensive ways to do it. So whether you are upgrading your existing décor or decorating an all-new living room in your new house, we will guide you on how to refurbish your living room area by giving away five creative ideas.

  1. Rearrange the Furniture

Living Room Furniture

First things first. This is by far the easiest, convenient, and the least costly way to upgrade the entire look of your living room. Rearranging or moving the furniture from one place to another can create a huge difference without having to buy expensive decoration items.

If moving the living room’s furniture alone doesn’t satiate you enough, you can try by putting some indoor flowers and plants. Adding indoor plants to your living room space not just adds life, but it also gives a refreshingly natural look to the room.

And even if that doesn’t help, try rearranging or moving your bookshelf displays and other accessories. You will be pleasantly surprised at what a significant effect it can give to the living room.

  1. Refresh Your Living Room’s Paint

Living Room Paint Color Ideas

Changing living room’s paint is another way to give a refurbished look to the room. This obvious way of changing the look of the room won’t be too heavy on your pocket and might not cost you more than a few dollars.

With paint, you get to enjoy a huge variety of color palettes and endless options to choose from. You can get the entire room painted in one tone color, or you can go bold by painting a feature wall only.

You can also revamp your living room by painting some type of designs or patterns on the wall like stencil work, stripes or even chevrons. With paint, patterns, and designs, the sky is the limit.

  1. Change the Room Accessories

Living Room Accessories

A lot of people don’t pay much heed to the lighting of the room. It is often an overlooked part when it comes to redecorating the living room. Lighting and lampshades are those accessories that give a jewel-like effect to the whole living room.

The slight change in the shades and the entire mood of the room changes with it. Try using dark-colored lampshades like black and maroon or give preference to pleated over flat, and from plain to pattern ones. Multiple options are readily available, all you need is a little market survey, and you will end up having many options to choose from. Try big furniture stores.

Acrylic photos are timeless pieces that make wall art look stunning. You can check out Bumblejax acrylic photo block here and get the ones that go well with the color scheme of your living room. Whether it’s your wedding photo or a family portrait, turn them into acrylic frames to create a masterpiece.

  1. Use Pillows and Throw Blankets

Throw Pillows

Adding throw blankets and pillows is an excellent way to gives extra texture and color to the living room. This provides a whole new impact and helps in providing a surprisingly modern look to the room especially when you do it with keeping the seasonal changes in mind.

Substituting heavy and dark color pillows and sofa throws which probably were cozy and warm during winters with something fresh and light ones in the summer season can freshen up and lift a living room instantly.

Another way of giving a refreshing look to the living room is by putting artwork –from creating new ones to rearranging existing and antique pieces.

Think about buying a few artwork pieces if you don’t have some. It could be anything from fabric samples to framing wallpapers. The perception that the artwork which is costly and heavy on pocket can only be called as the artwork is nothing but a myth, so create your own.

  1. Get Rid of the Clutter

Living Room Declutter Ideas

They say less is more, so when you feel that your living room is overly crowded with furniture, bookshelves and other art pieces, lighten it up by removing some. Always remember that any overstuffed area can make the room look smaller. Give your living room some breathing space by removing unnecessary furniture pieces.

Changing the Living Room Landscape

Below are some trendy ideas to give a modern twist to your living room space – adding a touch of sophistication to your home.

  • Change the look of your windows
  • Spare a wall to put your family photos
  • Put beautiful and delicate chandeliers in your living room
  • Get hold of a used mirror
  • Give a spray paint look to any of your furniture pieces
  • Trim and give a new color to your doors

Get a new carpet, rugs, and curtains

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