5 Important Techniques to Mold/Mildew Prevention and Growth


One of the most common issues in homes is having mold and mildew develop due to water damage that occurs. From bursting pipes, moisture accumulation, spills, and flooding, the effects can be devastating and harmful to residents’ health. To keep the environment safe, there are a few preventative techniques available to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Offer Proper Ventilation

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Lack of proper airflow in the home is one of the many reasons that mold develops and begins to grow, making it essential to have a window open or overhead fan in use while taking a shower or bath. Areas, where high-moisture is present or prone to occur, need to be appropriately ventilated while cooking or doing laundry. Dehumidifiers and air conditioning units can also be used to reduce the amount of moisture that accumulates. In general, indoor humidity should be lower than 60 percent at all times.

Protect Household Plants

5 Important Techniques to Mold Mildew Prevention and Growth

Many homeowners are unaware that household plants can easily be a breeding ground for mold and mildew by inviting it to develop in the moist soil. Mold and mildew are prone to spread in the home naturally and can quickly become a problem if not prevented. Although you don’t need to toss the plants out necessarily, you can add Taheebo tea with a bit of water when you water the soil every few days.

Hire a Cleaning Service After Water Damage Occur

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Water damage in the home is the second most common claim to file with homeowners insurance. This is known to quickly lead to mold and mildew when it’s not cleaned correctly with professional services. The homeowner can clean the mold that is less than 10 square feet, but anything more substantial in size needs someone with more experience. A professional cleaning service, like Golden Shine cleaning services, will have the right techniques and tools available to properly clean the damage and remove anything that has been severely affected. They’ll know to know which items can be restored and the pieces that are permanently damaged or prone to mold growth.

Keep the Thermostat at 80 Degrees Fahrenheit/27 Degrees Celsius

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When residents are away from home during the day or while out of town on a trip, it can cause the indoor temperatures to rise by setting the thermostat higher than 80 degrees. This can quickly welcome mold and mildew to develop due to too much humidity. Although it may increase your energy bill during the summer months, it’s crucial to set your thermostat at 80 degrees to prevent mold from developing in hidden areas that are out of sight.

Properly Size Your AC Unit

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You may rely on an air conditioning unit in the home to circulate air. If it’s improperly sized for the square footage of the property, then it will be limited on how effective it is. Use a square footage/AC capacity chart to determine the size that is appropriate for your home. It’s also essential to make sure that the unit has clean coils, is cycling on and off throughout the day, and that the condensate drain is dripping properly.

For many households, having mold present on the property can quickly lower its value and make it difficult to resell due to the cost of repairing the damage. The health risk of having mold present is also a deterrent for having a safe and habitable environment. To ensure that you can protect your health, it’s crucial to practice a few techniques to prevent the mold or mildew from developing before it becomes a serious problem.

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