5 Indoor Plants To Bring Sheer Good Luck To The House


Indoor plants are not only perfect for amping up the beauty quotient for the house, but they also bring a dash of good health with their nutritious, medicinal and air-purifying qualities. And when you thought that this is it, plants are here to amaze you with one more charming property. Some indoor plants are also considered auspicious and are supposed to bring good luck and prosperity in the house.

According to Vastu Shastra and the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui, these plants bring wealth and positive energy in the house. They balance the chi energy and yin yang power which maintains a positive ambiance in the space they sit. When placed in a particular direction, this effect of their presence is amplified by several notches. Here are five indoor plants that are considered lucky for the house and family:

  1. Jade Plant

Jade Plant

Cute and known for its lush green leaves, Jade plant is a quite popular indoor plant. It is also known as Dollar plant and Friendship plant. It is considered lucky to place this plant at the entrance. In Asia, it is regarded as a perfect house warming gift. When kept in the southeasterly direction of the house, it is supposed to increase cash flow and financial incomings.

  1. Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Representing the five cardinal elements of Feng Shui, a Bamboo Plant is a plant lover’s favorite. It is supposed to bring health, wealth and prosperity in the house. For best results, keep these plants in the east and southeast directions of the house. The vertical shape of the plant influences life energy, vitality, and physical energy.

  1. Pachira Tree

Pachira Tree

It is one of the most commonly found houseplants and also goes by the name of ‘ Malabar Chest’ and ‘Saba Chest.’ According to Feng Shui, placing this plant in office or home brings in good luck and wealth. It is also believed to balance the chi energy which is responsible for the financial gains. It is one of the few trees that represent all the five elements of Feng Shui, thus promoting harmony.

  1. Money Plant

Money Plant

These plants fit well with the chords of Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra both supposed to bring wealth and prosperity in the house.  It is also a good air purifier, and it increases the energy in the house by enhancing the air flow. Keeping these plants at corners reduces anxiety and stress. It is recommended to place one near each source of energy to curb the radiations.

  1. Snake Plant

Snake Plant

Regarded as one of the top air purifying plants. It is also known and ‘Mother-In-Law’s’ tongue. One of the unique features of this plant is that it releases oxygen in the night time too, unlike other air purifying plants. It is an ideal bedroom plant. According to Feng Shui, this plant attracts strong protective energies and can help bring in positive chi energy when placed in home and offices. It represents the wood element and should be placed in eastern, southern and southeastern corners of the house or office.


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