5 Joinery Design That Is Both Practical And Trendy


When you think of joinery, the words carpentry, wood crafting, woodwork, and specialized wood carving come to mind. Expertise and creativity are firmly established in this age-old craft and trade that has seen a resurgence in recent years. The revival of woodworking specialties in both residential homes and commercial buildings has allowed new generations of home and business owners to experience what wood crafted furnishings and accessories can do to embellish their design choices. What’s not to like about the functionality and popular nature of any wood crafted design?

Five (5) Joinery Designs

Five more current joinery designs that are both practical and trendy include:

  1. Farmhouse Tables

Farmhouse Tables

Since the infusion of the country looks in design, farmhouse tables have been sought after for use in traditional, country, coastal and cabin-inspired homes. They have an unmistakable charm and warmth in their individuality and craftsman inspired structure and can be fashioned in some different designs to reflect a return to more traditionally-inspired tables that can comfortably seat a large number of individuals.

Skilled individuals build most farmhouse tables in their workshops who have an eye for the characteristics that define a farmhouse table. Those features or characteristics usually include:

  • Simple formation in structure (rectangular, square, round, oval and customized table choices in lengths, shapes, and widths)
  • Weathered wood (reclaimed barn wood, pine, maple, oak or fully planked)
  • Patina, stained, painted or natural or waxed tabletop finishes
  • Durable and thick tabletop structure (1 inch to 2 inches plus in thickness choices)
  • Varying table leg styles (slightly tapered, hand turned, gently curved, pedestal and trestles
  • Large seating capacity
  • Unpretentious features
  1. Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom vanities are another joinery design that is both functional and popular for bathroom cabinetry and vanity use. Stand-alone wooden vanities in bathroom spaces seem to have become the focal point in upgraded or renovated home bathroom designs. Vanities can either be built from scratch with reclaimed wood or from other solid woods. Cabinetry can also be refurbished and refashioned from existing antique or older wooden cabinets that are still of good use.

Some of the best design services that deal with millwork can recreate vanities, cabinet door front closures, and usable drawers through specialized millwork that may also include door insets, scrollwork, scallops, wood engraving and other details that can bring new life to an old wooden cabinet or a new one, and if you really want your vanity it can be done through do-it-yourself information and plans.

Existing cabinet drawers can also be modified to be useful and attractive. Vanity tops are completed with marble, ceramic, granite or other stone materials that are frequently used as vanity finishing materials. Under sink plumbing and actual sinks and fixtures are added to complete the stylish and clean looks that wooden vanities bring to a bathroom area, plus they are made functional with available storage space and access to use of a sink area and water.

  1. Sliding Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Doors

All of a sudden a sliding barn door is another joinery design element that has come into its own in popularity and purpose. They can be crafted to reflect almost any home style from urban modern and contemporary to industrial, country, cottage, and coastal looks. The style will depend on the type of hardwood used, which is usually pine, oak, reclaimed wood, and even tropical woods. Sliding barn doors can also be fashioned from recreated barn wood, galvanized metal, and already existing doors that need a place to call home. Sliding barn doors are an excellent way to cover a large area that no regular door can, plus they offer dividing lines between other rooms that require isolation, such as bedrooms and bathrooms. They can be costly, but there are do-it-yourself ideas out there that can not only cut costs but take on the appearance of a real barn door with a little elbow grease and some directions.

  1. Bed Frames

Bedroom Frames

Once again, wooden bed frames have made a comeback, plus they are a whole lot more practical and less expensive than traditional exclusive furniture store bed frames and antique frames that cost a fortune, plus they are not likely made as well as a solid wood frame. Most quality wooden bed frames can be customized to reflect current styles and favorable wood choices such as pine, walnut, and even combinations with plywood, and there are expert professionals that create beautifully fashioned frames and headboards. By the way, headboards can be inscribed, engraved and stained to reflect the type of look desired. Whether you want a platform, Murphy or a rising wood frame that lifts and has underneath storage, there is any number of wood bed frames that are beautiful, practical and trendy. Whether you have a wooden bed frame made for you or make one yourself, there is any number of ideas that can be passed on to a professional carpenter, or you can tackle it yourself.

  1. Architectural Wood Accessories

Architectural Wood Accessories

Wooden architectural pieces have also enjoyed a resurgence in popularity and are gracing homes of all persuasions. Such wooden pieces and architecturally related items can be found in:

  • Large, round wooden clocks, grandfather clocks, and other wooden clock designs
  • Wooden and metal windmill pieces
  • Wooden corbels
  • Wooden shoemaker forms or molds
  • Graduated wooden candlesticks
  • Wooden medallions
  • Cathedral and arched windows
  • Wooden Pedestals
  • Wooden Furniture appliques and moldings
  • Rustic and modern wooden mirrors
  • Tin and wood metal panels

Anyone of these items could be professionally crafted or found in salvage or antique stores. There are even do-it-yourself possibilities with any of the listed items. Most any of these pieces can be reproduced or also found in places you never thought possible. Consult with a woodcrafter. He or she should be able to provide a source or even make something on this listing.

Joinery or naturally designed and crafted wood elements can bring warmth to a home or business setting, plus they are lasting and practical. They will likely endure forever and remain trendy merely because they are traditional and stable elements of design.

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