5 Kinds Of Doors You Need To Know About

On August 16, 2016 by Himanshu Shah

Doors are an important and integral part of a building’s function as well as style. Your doors emit a sense of greatness for whoever passes through them and should look grand as that greatly increases the appeal of that place.

In order for you to make your house or building aesthetically pleasing, and have the right kind of effect on the viewer, you need to understand a thing or two doors and the different types available.

Knowing what material to use can also greatly benefit your place as you will be able to make a better decision about which door should go where. Here are some of the different doors styles that you can use for your place:

1. Hinge Door

Hinge Door
The most reliable and common type is a hinge door which is attached to the doorsill by three to four hinges. The lock can either be a lever or knob depending on the user and can open inwards or outwards. A special hinge is needed to make the door swing in both directions, because if it swings inwards, it cannot swing outwards. They can be custom made and their look is only restricted to your wallet. So the more you spend, the better hinge door you can get.

2. French Doors

French Door
French Doors are always open two-ways from the middle when pushed inwards or outwards. Think of a cowboy entering a bar in a Western!

These type of doors are covered with glass panes which are conjoined with white wood usually, and in some cases, metal. Usually french doors are attached to a frame with the help of hinges, which is linked with the wall. The frame is also covered with glass panes.

French doors are quite popular and greatly increase the visual appearance of your home from the inside and out. They emit an air of grandeur and is a safe bet for anyone who is looking to up the look of their place.

3. Dutch Doors

Dutch Doors
A hinged door which is split horizontally is known as a ‘stable door’. With locks present on both the pieces, it is a great option for parents with young toddlers running around the house. It also allows sunlight to come through which makes it suitable for livestock purposes and helps in ventilation.

4. Tilt Door

Tilt Door
A tilt door is an all landscape door usually used for garages and large storages. Springs are attached on top which pull a single, large piece of metal, wood or aluminium that raises it upwards. Some tilt doors also have a remote control option which suits drivers who want to to park without moving from their seats.

5. Sliding Doors

Sliding Doors
If you want to shift between rooms more easily then you can attach a sliding door to your living space. Two hangars, one up and one down, with rollers have a fixed panel that can move left or right. The rollers ease the movement of the panel so minimal energy is required to move the doors. You can greatly improve the look of your living room by going for glass sliding doors.

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