5 Kitchen Organisation Ideas For Small Apartments


Kitchen Organisation Ideas

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There is nothing more satisfying than having a big clean out, discarding unnecessary and unwanted items, or donating them to a local charity shop, than sorting your kitchen and kitchen cabinets or pantry ready for the holiday season.

The festive season is packed with activities, delicious food, and family and friends coming and going with gifts, treats, and trinkets, so your home can quickly get cluttered. But, if you have the space ready for new items and products and an exceptional storage solution system in place, with labels to match, you will be welcoming the new additions with open arms and have the perfect spot for each of them, too. And this is where we come in. With our handy tips and tricks on how best to store and organize your kitchen while maintaining a clean and clutter-free aesthetic, this holiday season is sure to be your best one yet. Let’s dive in and see how best to organize your storage.

Small Doesn’t Mean Impossible

Too often, people give up before they have found the perfect solution for what they consider a big problem when it comes to kitchen and pantry storage, but there is a silver lining suited for each space, no matter the size. Some quick and easy fixes can make a world of difference, and before we dive in, consider these few pointers as you plan the space.

  • You want to try to keep countertops and workspaces as clear as possible. When you have open space, it feels calmer, more inviting, and not overwhelming as you struggle to prep dinner between books and utensils.
  • In a pantry, you can store items in baskets, stackable bins with labels so you can quickly and easily find what you need, or containers that minimize the visual negativity that comes from too much packaging.
  • Then there are items that you need out because they are used daily, such as spices, grains, and vegetables. For these, your best option is to use clear containers that are cohesive and come in multiple sizes; you maintain a clean look, you can see where everything is and how much is left before a trip to the grocery store, and it significantly reduces the element of clutter. Ultimately, we want to reduce the items and make spaces feel and look larger.

With that in mind, getting your pantry and kitchen cabinets more organized is the fun part and not as daunting as many think. With a few simple elements to implement that are also budget-friendly, you will enjoy being in the space during meal times and look forward to cooking and organizing your home.

Before anything else, starting with a clean space is a must. If you don’t have the time to unpack and tackle what seems like a nightmare of a task because life is certainly busy enough, then consider a professional cleaning company to take it on and do the job right the first time around. Not only will industry experts like Mint Cleaning Services, who offer a thorough deep cleaning service, give you peace of mind that your space is squeaky clean, but we all know you can never clean as Cleaning Services by companies with the optimal tools and knowledge for the job. Then, all you need to do is jump in and arrange your kitchen with great storage solutions and bespoke labels to match.

5 Easy Installations That Won’t Cost An Arm And A Leg

  1. Risers

Using a shelf riser is essentially giving your space another shelf. By using the height of the cabinet space as well as the depth, you can fit more, not have to call in a cabinet maker, and your plates are divided for equal weight distribution—no more wobbly towers of plates or mugs to worry about.

  1. Hooks

The perfect option to utilize the inside of cabinet doors if you only have one shelf. Use sticky hooks or ones that go over the doors for dish towels, pots, or pans, or a hanging shelf for detergents.

  1. Lazy Susan’s

It’s a lifesaver when it comes to awkward, essentially unusable corner spaces. Simply pop in a lazy Susan, and you are maximizing the cabinet space. Also, everything on the tray is easily accessible. Great for oils and vinegar, spices, or even smaller pantry items.

  1. Drawer Organizers

We have all seen those cutlery drawers where every utensil is seemingly fighting for space. Using an organizer will help to curate your most used items and corral them together so they are easy to grab for setting the table.

  1. Oven Space

The oven can, more often than not, be used as an extra cabinet. You aren’t likely to bake every night, so storing your baking trays and pans in the oven is a great storage space saver. They are easy to reach and take out when you want to treat the family to a baked lasagne or cake one evening.

There Is Always A Way

Never think your space or situation cannot be helped; small, simple tweaks and changes can drastically improve workflows and, more importantly, calm your mind. So, once the cleaning team has made your space sparkle, have fun bringing it all together with these easy tips.

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