5 Landscaping Ideas To Improve The Curb Appeal Of Your Home


Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

It’s always good to get some sunlight every now then. As Colorado receives more than 300 blessed sunny days, it’s evident for Colorado residents to enjoy some quality time in their outdoor spaces.

That’s why many homeowners in Fort Collins are transforming the outdoor spaces around their homes, especially their front yards, so they enjoy the climate in Colorado.

If you are one of the 53.1% of homeowners in Fort Collins who love some sunshine in their lives, you should consider building your dream landscape in your front yard.

You can easily find the best nursery in Fort Collins by doing an online search, but you’ll need these five landscaping ideas to transform your front yard and effectively improve the curb appeal of your property.

  1. Experiment With Some Rock Features

Rock features are a great way to add some distinct appeal to your front yard. They not only improve the appearance of the yard but also serve more functionality. For example, a pathway made of flat rocks can instantly add charm to your yard while being a great way to navigate through the mud during the rains. You can also add multiple bigger rocks in clusters and install them in creative formations.

  1. Enhance The Flowerbed Borders

If your front lawn still has the old metal edgings to separate the sections, you can think of experimenting with sections or borders for your flower bed. Updating the borders of the lawn and flowerbeds can instantly improve the look of your front yard.

Instead of metal edgings, you can try different options like red bricks or stone borders. The stone border looks more natural and instantly adds more appeal to your front yard.

  1. Consider Changing The Plants In Your Front Yard

If you don’t have bigger trees in your front yard, you should consider planting some. Big trees instantly improve the appearance of your home. One of the most beautiful trees to plant are Dogwood Trees because they bloom year-round in gorgeous white, pink, and red colors. In addition, they are excellent at increasing property values, even in small yards.  Alternatively, Russian Hawthorn, Kentucky coffee tree, American hornbeam, and Japanese lilac are some of the best trees you can plant in your front yard to make it look classy.

These plants grow bigger and make your home stand out in the neighborhood. They are perfect for the climate in Colorado and need minimum care. You can purchase these plants from any nursery in Fort Collins.

  1. Plant Perennial Shrubs In The Front Yard

Hydrangeas and Azaleas are some of the best perennial shrubs you can consider planting in your front yard. They might take a year to properly bloom, but they add glorious colors to your front yard once they have fully blossomed.

Many perennial shrubs are very pocket-friendly and are easy to maintain. You can consult your local nursery in Fort Collins, and the landscaping experts will help you with the necessary steps required to plant and grow them and trim them to prevent uneven growth.

  1. Use Landscaping Lights

Landscaping lights are one of the most inexpensive ways to improve your front lawn appearance instantly. You can purchase them from your nearest Walmart or any lighting store in Fort Collins.

Suppose you want to save some money while contributing to conserving the environment; you can go for solar garden lights that don’t need electricity and automatically turn on when the sun goes down. It is possible to choose the color of the lights and install them where you think they look the best. You can also make creative use of lanterns, pathway lights, faux rocks.

These were the five landscaping ideas you can use to instantly add a great curb appeal to your home in Fort Collins. If you plan to renovate your front yard, you can either do it yourself or take some nursery experts’ help to do it.

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