5 Mistakes People Make During Their Move


It’s easy to make mistakes during your move. It is a time of great stress ad flurry for many people. Therefore, it is essential to contingency plans for things that may go wrong. By following the following steps, you can ensure your move goes smoothly and calmly.

  1. Not Getting Insurance

Best Home Insurance Company

The number one mistake people make during the moving process is not getting any form of moving insurance. People want to protect their items, and rightly so. We all have various items of value in our houses that we would ideally like to take with us. Some things are more fragile than others and are prone to breakage if not handled correctly. Don’t be afraid to ask your removals company whether they offer a comprehensive form of the insurance contract. A qualified contract distributor will typically ask you for an itemized list of the goods you wish to ensure or will ask if you’d like to ensure the items at a lump sum amount.

  1. Not Having A Clear Inventory

Inventory List

Moving is a process that can – at times – seem to be so overwhelming even to begin to fathom. Boxes are in every room of your house, and your belongings are in an ‘organized’ mess. The fatal mistake that people make in the moving process is not having a clear inventory list. An inventory list will allow you to acknowledge exactly what it is you plan to take with you and what it is you will leave behind. Having an inventory list will also ensure you know what items are in which box. If you’re able to label your boxes according to your list, this will ensure a smooth and efficient unpack at your new address.

  1. Not Budgeting


Being in control of your money is an aspect of adulthood that some of us are better at than others. Further, having a clear understanding of what we plan to spend VS what we spent is an extension of this. This is especially true of planning your budget for relocation. The amount you allocate for your move will depend on the quality of service you wish to receive. Be sure to assign a higher amount if you want to hire a professional, highly-skilled, and experienced company. Additionally, by allocating a higher amount for your move, you have some financial ‘buffer room’ should any unexpected cost crop up.

  1. Not Buying The Right Packing Materials

Right Packing Materials

It is essential to protect your items with good quality packing materials. When you purchase your packing materials, you are best to steer clear of weak strength tape and flimsy boxes. Most professional removals companies will be able to sell you an array of packing materials. Not only does this ensure your goods are safely stowed away for the move, but it also makes the job quicker and easier for your removalists.

  1. Not Hiring Professionals

Professional Movers

The number one mistake people make – particularly for large moves – is not hiring a professional removalist. The market is flooded with people looking to make a quick buck with little to no experience and below industry level facilities. By hiring a professional for your move, you can ensure you will have workers on the job with a great wealth of experience. These types of workers will know to complete your move efficiently, but also to ensure your goods are handled with the utmost care.

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