5 Mistakes To Avoid If You’Re Planning To Renovate An Old Home


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Renovating your home can be fulfilling and rewarding if you do it right. Often, it will make you appreciate the building more, even if it is old. But often, many make mistakes that bring about regrets. They start to question why they even took on the project in the first place. It is completely normal to make such mistakes. What matters is that you learn. The good thing is that we are going to share some of the common mistakes people make while planning to renovate their homes. At least, this will help you know and avoid them.

What’s Your Purpose In Renovating An Old House?

Why would someone even decide to renovate their old house? What are some of the reasons making you to take on this bold step? Well, here are some reasons why you would want to renovate your old house:

  • To prepare it for sale. When you’re planning to sell a house, you have to renovate it so that you can swing the resale value upwards. The renovation choices that you make in this case should reflect what buyers wouldn’t want – not what you would want.
  • Updating the style of the home. Maybe you’re just bored with the current style of your home and need some sort of change. This would be a good reason to start renovating that home. An older home can become less attractive as time goes by. But note that for antique homes or special homes, age can be a huge factor in increasing the resale value.
  • For better home efficiency. Want your home to be more efficient? Well, why not consider renovating it? The truth is that renovating a home makes it better than it was in most cases. You could add more utilities and features that make the home easier to live in. Some can even be modern or technological additions that make efficiency higher. Also, buyers tend to consider an energy-efficient home more than they’d consider an average home.
  • To update the home’s function. What are you planning to use the home for? Probably you need additional space – an extra guestroom maybe? It can be anything that you plan to use the house for. You can renovate to accommodate that need.
  • To increase the home’s value. Increasing a home’s value, as we’ve already stated, can be greatly influenced by renovations. When you make additions and repairs, you can easily raise the value of your home.
  • Fixing safety issues. Some home renovations are plainly meant to fix issues with the house. For instance, electrical problems, roof leaks, and cracks in the wall. Using DIY tools like a wireless multimeter can come in handy. These issues, if unfixed, can affect the safety of the inhabitants.
  • Increasing comfort and enjoyment. Renovations can make you more comfortable in your home and increase your level of enjoyment. It all depends on what you plan to add or change.

How Would You Know If Your Old Home Needs A Renovation?

There are pretty obvious signs that your old home needs a renovation. So here are some of them:

  • When the paint starts peeling off or chipping.
  • Drainage and roof leak problems.
  • Insects and pests are infesting the property.
  • Floors and walls are wearing out.
  • When you need more space or room.
  • When you want to modernize the home.
  • Once you’re willing to sell the property.

What Are The Things To Consider?

Some of the most important things that you will need to have in mind when taking on a renovation exercise for your old home include:

  • How much are you willing to spend on the renovation process?
  • The design style. When renovating your home, it is important not to stray too far from the original design and style. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of distortion.
  • Time of the year. Indoor renovations can take place any time of the year. However, outdoor projects tend to take place when the weather is clear.
  • DIY or Professionals? Well, you will need to make the decision on whether to take on the renovation process on your own or hire professionals to lend you a hand. Mostly, DIY projects are simple, and any rookie can take on them. On the flip side, there are complex renovation projects that only need professionals.

5 Mistakes To Avoid

Now, here are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when you’re planning to renovate your old home:

  1. Failed To Find A Trusted Project Manager

Who will be your renovation project manager? You need to hire someone you can trust to oversee the project to its completion and success.

  1. Sacrificing Function For Form

Functionality is more important than appearance and form. Always have this in mind when making renovation decisions.

  1. Working Without A Permit

Ensure you get a permit before you begin taking on renovations. Otherwise, you can easily get yourself in trouble with the law enforcement officials.

  1. Not Consulting Professionals

There’s a reason why there are consultancy services. You need to consult professionals with experience in building.

  1. Setting An Unrealistic Budget

Build in an extra 20% to your budget to be better prepared for any surprises. Choose lab-grown diamonds as an alternative to mined diamonds. This will help you save a lot.

Final Thoughts

You can take on your renovation project successfully and end up with a satisfying result. But first, you will need to take everything we’ve stated into account and avoid the mistakes we’ve shared too.

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