5 Mistakes To Avoid With Laminated Floors


Laminate floors have gained a lot of popularity in the past few decades. They are versatile, flexible; make your home look beautiful enough to add value to it. Laminating home floors is also an inexpensive way to emulate the looks of the expensive flooring alternatives like hardwood, marble, ceramics, stone, etc. Both the looks and the feel of these costly alternatives can be imprinted onto laminated tiles, making them a replica of the same. This ability is one of the essential reasons which make laminated floors so popular.

Advantages Of Laminate Floors

Laminated Floors Advantages

Of course, it also has other qualities that make it durable enough to last for several years. Some of the significant benefits are:

  • It is resistant to fading by constant exposure to sunlight.
  • They are affordable, easy to install and maintain.
  • Laminated floors are also not vulnerable to stains, scratches, and impacts.
  • They have better resistivity to water.
  • Give warm and soft feel underfoot.
  • They are available in a diverse selection of colors and wood varieties.

Even with so many advantages, it is still quite easy to find ruined laminated floors in many houses. The reason has more to do with the way the users handle it than with the quality, finish, and installation of laminated floors.

Practices Which Harm Laminated Floors

Laminated Floors

Some ways which, if not avoided, can result in a certain ruin of the laminated floors are:

Standing Water

Wooden Floor Cleaning

While they have an inherent resistivity to water, too much of it does tend to seep into the laminated planks and tiles, thereby damaging the same. This damage becomes intensified if standing water is left on laminated floors for a long time. The damage caused can result in the swelling of the wood, thereby causing irreversible damage whereby the only alternative left is to get the floorboards changed.

Not Using The Correct Cleaners

Hardwood Floor Cleaning

There are many chemical cleaners available that promise to add an extra sheen to laminated floors and also come in beautiful packaging. But too much use of these cleaners tends to eat away at the top layer of the laminated planks and tiles, thereby damaging them. Thus the use of these chemical cleaners and soaps should be done as per the instructions are written on the bottles, which should be precisely followed.

You can also use a laminate floor vacuum cleaner (The Homemakers Journal has a great guide) to keep your floor in tip-top shape all the time.

Vacuuming And Sweeping

Clean Hardwood Floors

Since dirt tends to damage laminated floors, most people opt for regular sweeping and vacuuming. But this causes more damage than good and hence should be avoided. Instead, it is always better to use a microfiber cloth for sweeping, and vacuuming should be done without using the brush roll-off present in the vacuum cleaner.

Improper First Row Installation

Wooden Floor Installation

The first row of every flooring options installation is always the most crucial irrespective of whether the installation is:

  • Being done by experts or it is a DIY installation and
  • Tiles or planks are used in setting up the floor.

Hence this row should be installed with the utmost care and precision, and continuing with an improperly installed first row will result in the doom of the laminated floor.

Sharp And Heavy Objects

Laminate Floor

Sliding of furniture and sharp nails of pets, stilettos, etc. tend to damage the laminated floor by making scratches appear on the same.  While furniture helps to complement the settings of the room along with the laminated floor, placing them without the use of furniture pads results in the gouging and scuffing of the laminated floors.

These are points that can be avoided just by taking a few precautions. And once these precautions are in place, laminated floors give absolutely no trouble at all. They have the longevity of 15 to 25 years, and with proper use of the same, sometimes laminated floors can also be made to last for 30 years, at least.

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