5 Morning Nook Looks to Jumpstart Your Day


“You’re not awake until you’re actually out of bed and standing up,” Rachel Mead wrote in her book, the Blood Promise. It’s true. Getting up in the morning is the most important part of your day. So start it right by creating your morning nook—a space that uplifts and prepares you before today’s hustle. Whether you need energy and vitality or desire peace and gentle mornings, you must craft this space to suit you.

Morning Nook Looks to Jumpstart Your Day

The key ingredient of a morning nook is natural light. Researchers say it is the secret to a lighter mood, sharper attention, alertness, and cognitive performance. So begin by finding a spot with the best lighting during the early morning. Here’s something to inspire you to create your sun-kissed corner:

Designs If You Want A Calming Space Where You Can Think:

  1. A Space For One (Or Two)

Fresh Air Station

It’s nothing much—find a corner at home which can fit one or two chairs. This way, you create a space that’s exclusively for you or with your partner. Then, take this outside so you can enjoy the fresh air. Station your seat in a covered patio, porch, or garden.

  1. Your Bedroom’s Oasis

Your Bedroom’s Oasis

If your bedroom has a window that invites plenty of natural light in the morning, create a sitting area next to it. This way, you can smoothly transition from the bed to the place where you’d like to start your day.

  1. A Space Where You Feel Alive

A Space Where You Feel Alive

Add some elements which appeal to your senses in your morning nook. Display plants, use a texture-rich rug and throw soft pillows in there. Engage all of your senses! Make it peaceful by using lighter and brighter color palettes and avoiding too many patterns. Use an aroma diffuser or humidifier to enhance relaxation. Hang a nice landscape photo or painting in there to complete the look.

Designs If You Want An Invigorating Space To Fire Up Your Morning:

  1. Fresh, Uncluttered Kitchen

Fresh And Uncluttered Kitchen

It’s natural to go to the kitchen when you wake up. But, first, you need to get breakfast, coffee, tea, or a drink of water.

Avoid the bad vibes by clearing the dishes, trash, and clutter the night before. This way, you’re sure to wake up to a clean space and feel brand new. Then, decorate the area with something fresh like flowers or a fruit bowl. Use bright or neon accent colors, like in the lime green kitchen above.

  1. Precious Coffee Station

Precious Coffee Station

Opposite the private nook mentioned above, this is a space where anyone in the house is open to joining you for a cup of coffee or breakfast. Use colors or patterns that stimulate you as you sip your daily dose of caffeine.

Some morning nook designs that you want may require installations of new windows or skylights. It will cost money, but it’s going to make your home more appealing to you. Your home is your personal haven. Tweak it, change it and improve it to match your lifestyle.

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