5 Most Common Causes Of Toilet Leaks


Toilet Leaks

Did you know that the average person flushes their toilet around 5,000 times a year? That’s a lot of water! And while toilets are designed to handle all that use, they can sometimes falter.

One of the most common issues that you may have to deal with is a leaky toilet. But don’t worry; we’re here to help you identify and fix the most common causes of leaks.

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What Are Some Of The Common Causes Of A Leaky Toilet?

Here are some of the most common causes of toilet leaks in residential spaces:

Cause #1 — Flapper Valve Leaks Can Lead To Toilet Leakage

Flapper valve leaks are a common cause of toilet leakage problems. This type of leak happens when the flapper valve in the toilet tank doesn’t seal properly, which allows water to escape from the tank into the toilet bowl.

Because these valves wear out and deteriorate over time, they can become increasingly difficult to keep sealed and tend to be more likely to develop leaks.

If left unchecked, flapper valve leaks can quickly lead to significant water waste, not to mention a substantial increase in your water bill, as well as a potentially damaging overflow of water onto your bathroom floor.

Fortunately, with regular inspections and appropriate maintenance of toilet flappers and fill valves, it’s easy enough to prevent leaky toilets from becoming an issue.

Cause #2 — Your Toilet Can Leak When Tank-To-Bowl Bolts Are Loose

If your toilet is leaking, the most likely cause is that the tank-to-bowl bolts connecting the toilet tank to the bowl have become loose. This can be caused by a number of factors, from normal wear-and-tear and improper installation to high water pressure, which in turn causes a physical force on the bolt connection points.

Either way, it’s important to tighten these bolts as soon as possible in order to stop any further leaking and potential water damage. Thankfully this task isn’t terribly difficult, and with a wrench firm, enough leverage can usually be obtained without too much effort.

Cause #3 — Your Toilet Can Leak When The Wax Ring Seal Fails

Even the most well-built, functional toilet can feature a weak link in its operation: the wax ring. This component is vital to all toilets, as it serves as a seal between the waste outlet and the drainpipe itself.

If this wax-based seal fails, it can lead to a wide range of problems ranging from minor leaks to actual displacement of your porcelain throne. And nobody wants that! To prevent this from happening, inspect your wax ring every so often for tell-tale signs of damage.

Cause #4 — A Cracked Toilet Bowl Or Tank Can Leak To Toilet Leakage

When your toilet has a cracked bowl or tank, it could create a major problem – toilet leakage. This can happen in several ways; for example, if the seal on the bowl is loose or weakened, leaking water can pass through it and cause excess moisture under the bathroom floor.

Additionally, if the crack in the tank extends into the wall of it, then water could be continuously leaked from that point and even travel outside of your home.

Cause #5 — Your Toilet Might Leak If It Was Installed Poorly

Poorly installed toilets can present many issues, the most common being a leak. If your toilet has been installed incorrectly, you may experience water accumulating around the base or in other areas of the bathroom.

Additionally, undetected leaks from poorly installed toilets can contaminate groundwater near your house as well as increase your water bill significantly. Taking action immediately is critical; check for signs of leakage regularly and consider hiring a professional plumber for installation or repair if necessary for peace of mind.

Who Can You Call If Your Toilet Is Leaking?

If your toilet is leaking, it is important to determine the cause of the leak. A certified plumber can inspect the line, valves, and other components in order to identify any problems. Many plumbing companies offer 24-hour emergency service, so they can come out any day of the week to address an issue.

It is best to call a reputable plumbing company with extensive experience with toilet repairs that can assess the situation and provide a reliable solution for your leaking toilet.


If you’re currently experiencing water damage in your home as a result of a toilet leak, it is important to take action quickly.

Contact a professional plumbing service for assistance in repairing the leak and preventing further water damage. Taking care of the problem promptly can help minimize the cost and inconvenience of repairs.

Have you experienced toilet leaks in your home? What was the cause?

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  1. It’s like a treasure trove of toilet leak knowledge 🚽💧. Incredibly, we flush our toilets around 5,000 times a year – that’s quite a workout for the porcelain throne! Funny enough, I recently had a mysterious toilet leak at my place. It turns out a worn-out flapper valve caused it. Who would have thought?

  2. Oh, this blog post brings back memories! I once had a flapper valve leak that went unnoticed for weeks, leading to a surprisingly high water bill. It’s so true that regular inspections and maintenance can save you from a lot of headaches—and extra costs!


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