5 Must-Have Additions For Your Kitchen Remodel


Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

One of the best places in the home to make upgrades in the kitchen. Not only do realtors recommend that homeowners place their energies on remodeling this part of the house, but so do carpenters. Statistics reveal that you’ll get a return on your investment of 54% if you “sink” (no pun intended) your money into your kitchen.

Moreover, if you install mid-range fixtures in your kitchen, you’ll realize about a 59% ROI. A slight kitchen upgrade that includes adding mid-range accessories reaps a homeowner about a 78% return.

So, if you add some upscale additions, you won’t have to worry at all about recouping your investment. Some must-have additions might include items such as copper farmhouse kitchen sinks, range hoods, refrigerators, countertops, or cabinets.

  1. Copper Farmhouse Kitchen Sinks

One of the trending kitchen installations today is copper farmhouse sinks. These sinks replicate the early colonial design in a new and modern way. You’ll love adding this hygienic sink to your kitchen, as it repels germs and is easy to clean. It darkens and develops a rich patina over time and is non-corrosive and resistant to rust.

  1. Range Hoods Made of Copper

To go with your copper farmhouse kitchen sink, you might think about installing a range hood made of copper. Use the hood to clear the air in your kitchen and keep the place cleaner and shinier.

The fan in the hood will get rid of greasy smells and will keep any residue from settling and lingering on your countertops and appliances. When you choose copper, the range hoods are both aesthetic and practical.

  1. Smart Home Refrigerators To Keep Things Organized

If you want to know what’s in your refrigerator and wish to make an upgrade that will increase your property’s value, you’ll want to add a smart fridge to your kitchen’s design. While the features of smart refrigerators vary by model and brand, most do display the following amenities:

  • A touchscreen interface for looking up and following recipes
  • A feature for creating a grocery list that you can sync to your smartphone based on what’s in the fridge currently
  • A feature that allows you to receive notifications about expiration dates
  • Touchscreen features that allow you to see inside the fridge without opening it or wasting energy

Made with stainless steel, the newest in fridges keeps you organized and lasts a super long time.

  1. Countertops To Beautify Your Kitchen Or Expand It

One way to give your kitchen a boost in how it looks is to replace the countertops or add to the counter space in your cooking space. You can add materials, such as concrete, quartz, or granite, and improve the looks of your kitchen, regardless of your budget.

  1. New And Improved Cabinets

Replacing the cabinets can also increase the value of your home substantially. If you’re limited on funds, you might also consider cabinet refacing, which will give your kitchen a whole new look at a fraction of the cost.

Make Your Kitchen A More Inviting Place For The Family

Any of the above additions are must-have installations if you want to give your kitchen an upscale look. Not only will they increase your home’s value, but they will also make your kitchen a more inviting place in which to congregate.

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