5 Of The Most Incredible London Apartments


While many people think of cities like Hollywood, Miami, Dubai, and Monaco as having the most remarkable properties, London is certainly capable of holding its own when compared to any of these locations. Its abundance of high-rise buildings means that penthouse apartments, in particular, are common. The competition between celebrities and Russian oil billionaires for prime real estate space, as well as the city’s unique and historical heritage, also means that there are some opulent and truly extravagant buildings as well as those that are best described as quirky.

London Apartment

One Hyde Park has become renowned as one of the most expensive residential areas in the world. Earlier this year, an apartment once rented by Tom Cruise broke records for being the most expensive penthouse apartment in the capital. The 10,000 square feet apartment is only one of some prestigious apartments in the building and went up for sale for £35m. Mirror lined ceilings, a Swarovski-crystal lined bar, and rooms that are individually larger than a lot of London family homes attracted the huge price tag.

Ivory House

If you want something with more history than a former celebrity tenant, then the old clock tower at St Pancras Station has a hidden two-bedroom apartment. The incredible accommodation has 10 metre high ceilings and numerous original 19th Century features. It also has some of the most incredible views of London.

Cordage House

If 10 metre high ceilings still make you feel boxed in, then the Kensington penthouse at Academy Gardens boasts a 37-foot high ceiling and claims to be the tallest reception room in London. The apartment has five en-suite bedrooms over two floors and, as well as 6,000 square feet of living space; there are separate staff quarters.

Flat to Buy London

If location is important, which it is to most property hunters, then Circus West Penthouses at Battersea Power Station could swing it. Located on the 14th floor on the “lantern” level of the old power station, there are few more recognisable landmarks in London where you can find an apartment. The huge terrace has a glass winter garden, which means that the owner can entertain throughout the year. The terraces also offer virtually unfettered views of Chelsea, Battersea, and the River Thames.

Properties For Sale At Morgan Randall

While the unique properties rarely come on the market, there are still some very high-quality penthouses and apartments that are available to buy and rent. A 2 bedroom apartment in Pan Peninsula Square, for example, listed with Morgan Randall, has double-height floor to ceiling windows to provide exceptional views from within, as well as not one but two private balconies, three bathrooms, and a gym and swimming pool. Ideal for the professional couple with refined tastes.

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