5 Pro Tips To Re-Decorate Your Bedroom


Your bedroom is your getaway from everything. It is the last thing one needs after a hectic day at work, so it ought to be comfortable. Your bedroom should express your personal taste, favorite color, and more.

Keep all these things in mind when decorating your bedroom. Read on to know some fabulous tips and tricks.

  1. Go For A Subtle Color

Subtle Color Bedroom

Instead of all those dark hues, you need to choose the colors that are subtle and soothing to the eyes. Choose any pastel shade you like, or go for a monochrome combination. When selecting the color scheme for your bedroom, you need to keep the color theories in your mind.

For example, if you want everything to look brighter and open, you should stick to an all-white theme. If you want a serene and calm environment, go for the pastel shades of lavender, green and blue. If you want your bedroom to appear comfy and cozy, choose any jewel shade you like. Jewel shades are mostly dark and dull; hence, they are trickier to maintain, but they look bad by no means.

  1. Choose Trendy Furniture

Trendy Bedroom Furniture

Style and elegance go hand in hand; hence, buying furniture for your bedroom, makes sure to purchase stylish pieces. The best thing to do here is investing in dual-function furniture. For example, you can get a sofa cum bed (which can be used as a couch as well as an extra bed whenever required), an ottoman (which can be used for seating purposes as well as for storage) or mirror & board (a board that you can use for ironing and just with a little tilt, it becomes a mirror).

In case you want to decorate your bedroom while staying on a budget, you can check out all the online furniture sales and even local thrift shops in town that deal with preloved items.

  1. Add A Rug

Bedroom Rug

Another piece that is essential when re-decorating any space at home is a rug. A rug is one item that can instantly add a touch of sophistication to your room. Rugs are warm, and they can merely make any place appear luxe.

These days, there is a massive variety of rugs available out there, in the markets, and online. Thus, you can easily find one that goes with your bedroom’s color scheme. If the bedroom theme is dark, choose a lighter rug in the shade and if the bedroom theme is light or all-white, go for a dark-colored rug with a bold print. You can check out Rug Knots for the best Persian rugs and Pakistani carpets.

  1. Add Some Green

Green Leafed Potted Plant For Bedroom

Green is generally considered a color of peace. If you give it a thought, green is very soothing for the eyes as well. Hence, adding green to your bedroom is one fabulous way to make the bedroom environment pleasant.

You can add green to your bedroom by adding plants to it. If your bedroom is exposed to the sun every day, you can go for natural plants. With just a little care, some water and sunlight, you can easily maintain the plants.

  1. Take Care Of The Bedding

Cozy Bedroom

Your bedroom MUST be the coziest place in the house. Therefore, when re-decorating the bedroom, you must take care of the bedding. Bedding plays a vital role in the bedroom décor; it needs to be cozy and relaxing at the same time.

The bedding includes your mattress, bed sheets, comforter, pillows, and everything. Just make sure everything is clean and well-organized for an amazing look. Happy Decorating!

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