5 Pros And Cons Of Central Air Conditioning


Central Air Conditioning

In the past, not many homeowners or small office owners may have considered using a centralized air conditioning system. Today, however, this may no longer be the case. Its advantages may have led many homeowners to decide on installing a centralized air conditioning system. But, before this, there are still more factors to consider in having one.

Centralized air conditioners provided by Brisbane ducted air conditioning and other similar services, work through its outdoor unit, indoor unit, and ductwork to equally spread cold air through the entire space. It is unlike an ordinary air conditioning unit, wherein you’ll have to manually switch on each unit in the room. If there’s no air conditioning unit, that particular room won’t have cool air.

In this article, let’s look at some of the drawbacks and benefits of central air conditioning.

The Pros

To start with, below are the pros of using central air conditioning.

  1. It Provides Consistent Indoor Temperature

First on this list is the most apparent advantage of how having central air conditioning can provide you with a consistent indoor temperature at home. You won’t have to worry about any change in outdoor temperature when you know your home comes with a good and functioning central air conditioning system.

And, it’s not just in one area of your home. The comfortable indoor temperature runs through all areas of your home. It is the primary edge of centralized air conditioners versus the regular air conditioning units. Once you switch on your air conditioner, the temperature you set it to flows through your entire home.

  1. It’s Quiet

Having an air conditioner at home is always a welcome addition in the name of comfort. However, depending on the kind of air conditioning unit you have, some of it may be noisier than others are. At the expense of having cold and comfortable air, you may have to live through the noise.

With a centralized air conditioner, you won’t have to worry or be bothered about the noise. Most central air conditioners are relatively quiet compared with the usual air conditioning systems.

  1. It Produces Filtered Air

Having clean air quality in your home or office space is very important. It is a must to keep your health in optimum condition. Most notably so, when your air quality is good, you can significantly avoid the possible onset of respiratory diseases.

Along that line, one of the most significant advantages of having central air conditioning is how the air pushed through the ducts is filtered. It means the air in your home will have fewer allergens and fewer potentially harmful particles that may come with it.

However, do remember that this benefit isn’t absolute. You can only enjoy it if you keep the filters well cleaned and maintained as regularly as is needed.

The Cons

As you’re now aware of the pros, it’s also important to discuss the cons. It can give you a balanced judgment as to whether or not installing central air conditioning in your home or office is a good idea for you.

  1. It Offers Limited Ability To Individually Control Temperature In Each Room

With a centralized air conditioning unit, the cold air flows through all the vents in your home. It allows the entire space to be filled with cold air.

Typically, this fact shouldn’t be a problem if you don’t have any temperature issues in some areas of your home. For instance, there may be some rooms in your home that are as cold or hot spots. It means the optimal temperature needed to keep it warmer or cooler to a comfortable level may be different from the rest of your house.

With a centralized air conditioning system, there may be limited leeway to individually control the temperature in each room.

  1. Higher Bills

Because you’re running the air conditioner through all parts of your home, it necessarily follows too that your energy consumption may be higher. In effect, your energy bill may increase as well.

It is expected, as with one switch, all parts of your home are powered at once. It is unlike individual air conditioning units where you can choose what areas in your home to power with the air conditioner or which ones can do without.


With the discussion of the pros and cons above, you should now be feeling more confident about whether or not a central air conditioning system is the right one for your home or building. When deciding, remember that there isn’t anyone, the single best way to cool your home. It all boils down to a matter of personal preference and according to what your needs are. Most importantly, be sure you’re making an informed choice when deciding to install a central air conditioning unit in your home.

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