5 Questions To Ask Before Buying A Whole House Water Filter


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Is there an effective way to make sure you’re using clean, safe water? The answer is yes, and it’s called a Whole House Water Filter. Before making a purchase, it’s essential to gather the necessary information to make sure you meet your needs and expectations. To help, we have compiled a list of 5 Questions to Ask Before Buying a Whole House Filter.

  1. Why Do You Need To Filter Your Water?

Water treatment facilities remove specific contaminants from water, bringing the water into compliance with national standards. It doesn’t mean that potentially harmful contaminants have been removed. When the water leaves these facilities, it’s considered to be “clean”; however, due to the presence of lead in distribution pipes or low pH, lead is one example of a contaminant that may be in your water. There have also been recent studies into “superbugs” suggesting these facilities can’t be the only point of filtration. Chlorine and other additives are utilized to disinfect and prevent water-borne illnesses. Still, it isn’t too suitable for consumption, so these filters are considered one of the most proactive steps any homeowner can take.

  1. What Contaminants Are In Your Water?

It’s incredibly important to know common contaminants in your water while purchasing a filter, as it enables the right filtration components to be chosen. A water test helps you to discover what these contaminants are, including Metals, including Lead, Magnesium, and Calcium; Chemicals, including Chlorine and Fluoride, E. coli; Turbidity, which refers to the measurement of cloudiness (or dirt) looking for suspended particles which could be a sign of harmful bacteria and viruses.

  1. How Do Whole House Filters Work?

These filters are a highly complex process created to protect families from the potential hazards of impure water. There are many different kinds of water filters in the market, which can mean it becomes confusing for the customers. However, a Whole House Water Filter is the top choice for homes and restaurants because it filters the contaminants out of the water as soon as they enter the property line.

  1. How to Find the Correct Sized Whole House Water Filter For Your Home

The size of the filter is essential when purchasing the correct size, which will enable the customer to reap the full benefits. A smaller system will expire sooner and need replacing; it’s possible just to replace the carbon that resides within the filter. If there’s frequent water use, this will require a bigger system.

  1. Do I Need to Know My Water Flow Rate?

Knowing and understanding the flow rate of your water is incredibly helpful. It can affect the size of the filter chosen. For instance, do you want to be able to run two or three showers simultaneously? That is because it takes time for the water to be filtered efficiently, and therefore, a high flow rate will mean that fewer contaminants will be able to be removed within the process.

So there you have it. Five questions to ask before buying a Whole House Water Filter. These questions will make your choices a lot easier, more precise, and will make sure that you will get the best results from your Whole House Water Filter,  see here for whole house water filters.

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