5 Questions To Ask When Building A Garage!


Building A Garage

Building a new or replacing an older detached structure is not a decision that should be taken lightly, when beginning to research different garage contractors and collecting estimates, having a solid idea of what you seek to build and why is crucial.
We encourage you to educate yourself on the process. This investment can not only increase your storage capabilities and enhance your curb appeal, but it may also increase your property’s overall value.
There is so much more to a quality detached garage than four walls and a roof, so, before beginning the process, it is essential to determine your needs as well as how you will best utilize this space.

Questions Your Builder Can Answer:

  1. What Will Be The Purpose Of Your New Detached Garage?

New Detached Garage

Upon initially meeting with the garage builder, it is critical to let them know the purpose of the structure. It is possible that the municipal regulations and your plan for your garage and use do not align.
Are you seeking space that will let you put more cars in your garage, or would you rather keep the garage the same size, adding storage above? There might be electrical or plumbing issues that will need to be addressed if this space is meant to be utilized for a hobby or workspace.

  1. What Are Your Local Zoning Ordinances, Restrictions, And Requirements?

The execution of tear-downs of existing structures or entirely new structures may need permission from your local municipality. These extra steps are required to make sure that current codes are safely being met. Before moving forward and making an investment like this, it is essential to be aware of the steps or changes that must be taken to build a new garage on your property.
The process of the permit application will inform you, and your builder about the restrictions and regulations (height and size limitations, etc.) your municipality has applied to your area. It is essential that your garage builder complies with each one of these ordinances to avoid the project being stopped, possible fines, or having to demolish the structure altogether.

  1. What Does Your Builder’s Estimate Include?

Keep in mind, a detached garage should be so much more than just a roof and four walls; so, it is crucial to ask during the estimate collection process what each of the garage builders includes any garage they build in addition to which specific options are available for your project.
Elements like the garage door, type of shingles and siding, and the roof style offered should be incorporated and detailed in the estimate. In addition, specific details like garage floor epoxy, a weather wrap, gutters, and downspouts should also be considered.
How the builder plans to protect your investment’s integrity is crucial. A warranty and what is included in it should also be considered and discussed.

  1. Will Your Current Driveway Require Relocation Or Enlargement?

During garage construction, if you are thinking about relocating your current structure to another location on your property, a driveway will likely need to be relocated/extended. Also, for a garage that will increase in size, the driveway may need to be enlarged in order to accommodate additional vehicles and garage entrances.
If rebuilding where an alley garage already exists, a driveway may not be needed.

  1. What Is Your Budget?

The more tailored a garage, the more money it will cost overall. Getting started on a project, it is imperative first to determine the build’s priorities and how much you are prepared to spend to accomplish that goal.
The garage contractors should include the cost of the garage construction in addition to the fees that will be charged by the municipality in the estimate. While surprise costs may come up throughout the process, it is essential to ensure that there are no hidden fees or expenses that you are unaware of.

It is best to find dependable garage builders in your area who will replace your old garage with a new detached garage remodel, built to suit your budget needs, and comply with local requirements. In order to have peace of mind, it is crucial to verify reviews, licenses, and the portfolio of companies before hiring them.

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