5 Reasons A Smart Sprinkler Controller Is Worth Every Cent


If you’re considering having a smart sprinkler controller installed for your irrigation needs, you may also be wondering if it’s worth the investment and if learning a new system will pay off. The good news is that it’s worth it as there are many advantages of a smart sprinkler controller that makes it easy to recoup your initial investment.

  1. Ease and Convenience

Rachio Smart Sprinkler Controller

Smart sprinkler controllers, or Wi-Fi sprinkler controllers, can add comfort and convenience to your life once you choose a sprinkler system to install. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with the weather to make sure you don’t automatically water your yard on a rainy day because most units will now check the weather for you and alert the sprinklers not to activate.

You’ll also enjoy being able to control your sprinklers remotely, like when you are on vacation away from home, and allows you to check your system’s water usage and other data related to your irrigation that helps you keep your yard in check. Once you set your zones and your schedule, you can pretty much let the sprinkler system work itself and not have to worry about much else.

Additionally, some units can monitor soil levels and adjust the amount of water a zone gets based on those levels. It is an incredibly helpful feature since it doesn’t rely just on the watering schedule or the weather, but on what the soil receives.

  1. Save Money

Rachio Vs Skydrop Smart Sprinkler Controller

Since smart sprinkler controllers can sync with the local weather and turn off the system when rain is forecasted, so you won’t be paying for water on days when Mother Nature provides it for free. You also won’t have to worry about using excess water when you water your landscape using only a garden hose and your thumb.

Also, check with your city government, because in some areas you can get a rebate or savings when you use a smart sprinkler controller. Every drop adds up!

  1. Avoid Wasting Water

Sprinkler Repair Oakland

Just as we mentioned saving money above, you’ll also be saving water. You won’t be wasting as much because the sprinklers won’t run on rainy days, and you won’t be trying to guess how long to water your plants and lawn with the garden hose.

When you use a system that has a soil sensor, water-wasting is all but eliminated when the order is working correctly because it knows what areas need water and how much just by the moisture level in the soil.

  1. Beautiful Landscaping

Beautiful Landscaping

It’s probably apparent that your yard and landscaping will look better when you have a sprinkler system installed. That’s true when it comes to any method you may have installed, so why do we include it here?

Because overwatering is a real problem and can lead to unhealthy grass, and plants that look like they are dying (because they usually are!) With a smart sprinkler system, you reduce the chance of over-watering the lawn and plants, so everything always looks vibrant and healthy.

  1. Alerts You to Problems

Smart Sprinkler

If all of the reasons we listed above still aren’t enough to convince you that a smart sprinkler system is a good investment, this last benefit should do the job. How great would it be to have your sprinkler system alert you to a problem, instead of finding out something is wrong when your landscaping is thirsty and only after you took the time to investigate?

We Agree, It Would Be Awesome.

When you choose a smart sprinkler system that has this capability – may be one with a flow meter, leaks and problems are detected, and you’re alerted before your entire lawn dies. Some models can even detect and inform you about wiring or solenoid issues.

We hope that this has helped you see that while a smart sprinkler controller may be a little expensive, it’s a worthwhile investment that pays for itself in no time!

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