5 Reasons Air Compressor Is An Essential Purchase For Your Home


Air Compressor

You may think an air compressor is not essential for your home, but it offers a lot of advantages in making your home a better place. If you have plenty of DIY projects waiting on the list, then purchasing an air compressor will help you accomplish more. Many power tools use an air compressor for it to function. For DIYers, it is a must-have at home.

For Power Tools

If you are working on several home projects, getting an air compressor will make it easy for you to finish these projects because you’ll need some power tools. It is also economical in the long run. For example, a nail gun attached to a compressor makes your job efficient, while purchasing a battery-operated nail gun costs more and requires charging.

For the repainting tasks, using an air-powered spray gun makes the task fun and easy. It saves a lot of time because you get to paint more with less effort. Buying an air compressor allows you to get cheaper power tools for your home improvement projects.

Air Powered Tools Are Easy To Maintain

When you purchase an air compressor, this means you’ll utilize air-powered tools. The good thing is, these air-powered tools are easy to maintain compared to the electric ones. It is because these tools have fewer moving parts making them less likely to dysfunctional. For maintenance, it only needs oil for lubrication to reduce friction in any moving parts.

Moreover, there is no risk of electrocution since these tools don’t have electrical wires. Because it doesn’t require much maintenance and does not break down easily, getting an air compressor along with-it power tools is indeed a worthy investment.

Have More Power

Air compressors have more power than electricity, thus a better option if you are doing heavy-duty work. It allows you to use tools that require a large amount of power and accomplish a project in less time. Air compressor also means less material waste, and you get to undertake the bigger project because you are not limited to the power use. Air-powered tools are also less prone to power issues because they can regulate the power being used.

Perfect For Cleaning

The high flow of pressured air is perfect in helping you clear out dust and debris, especially in hard-to-reach spaces and corners. You can use it to clean your car, garage, and even your keyboard, mattress, or air conditioner vents: no messy workspace or dirty homes. You can cut the cleaning time with the help of compressed air. Some even use it in their lawn to remove weeds.

Car Repairs And Maintenance

Another good thing about owning an air compressor is you can do small repairs on your vehicles that do not need any mechanic. This is a good way to help you save money. Changing fuel filters, loosening nuts in difficult spots can be easily done with power tools. Filling air for flat tires using low air pressure can also be done with an air compressor.

Basic Buying Guide

Looking at the different types of air compressors can be confusing and overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with terms and specifications for air compressors. Your choice will depend on your needs and lifestyle, and to help you make better decisions, here are some basic terms you need to understand.


Looking at the horsepower is one way to determine the size of the compressor. However, you need to be careful because a salesman can mislead you into buying an expensive compressor even though it yields the same power as a typical one. You can check by looking at the amount of energy it is consuming. For example, a 5 HP compressor will use 24 amps on 220 volts.

Air Pressure

Commonly known as a pound per square inch or PSI, many tools are powered with a minimum of 90 PSI. For home use, the PSI of home air compressors is between 125 to 135 PSI.

Cubic Feet Per Meter

Tools require a specific volume of air to function. The CFM refers to the volume of air the compressor produces. Some companies may exaggerate their CFM, but a common guideline is to look for 3 to 4 CFM for a 90 PSI tool.

Tank Size

Tank size is not a serious factor when looking for an air compressor. The purpose of the tank is to store air, but no matter how small the tank is, you don’t experience any air shortage as long as you have the motor and pump.


Air compressor is not just for industrial uses. You get to experience many benefits if you choose to purchase one for your home. Things get accomplished more with the help of other power tools, making your life easier and saving time.

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  1. It’s nice that you talked about how one good thing about owning an air compressor is you could do small repairs on your vehicles that do not need any mechanic. I just realized that we do not have a lot of tools in our garage, so I am planning to buy some. Having an air compressor sounds pretty useful, so I should probably check some air compressor dealers later.



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