5 Reasons Renting Furniture Trumps Buying It


Renting furniture is the new fad in town. While it may be a fad now, it may very well be here to stay. Why? Because in this modern sharing economy, it just does not make any sense to pay thousands of dollars to get the furniture you want.
Furniture Trumps Buy

Companies like Rent Feather, instead, want to give you the same furniture for a few hundred bucks a month. Following are some of the major reasons renting furniture may very well replace buying it.

  1. Try Out Different Things

Living Room
You have moved to a new city or a new house. You are not quite sure what sort of furniture will look good in the new space. Instead of guessing, rent it instead. You will have an opportunity to see how the furniture looks in your house.

If you do not like it, you can easily return it. On the flip side, going with the buy route may land you furniture you do not like or want at a huge cost. Because of the flexibility of renting, you can try out different things without incurring huge expenses. This will give you the opportunity to pick the right style and decorate your home exactly how you want to.

  1. Balance the Cost Over Time

Balance The Cost Over Time
If you decide to buy furniture, you must be prepared to spend thousands of dollars all at once. This is a challenge especially if you have other expenses you are dealing with.

You may need to do without the furniture as you figure out your options. Renting changes this. You pay a low monthly fee and you have a house full of trendy furniture. No compromise needed. You can then focus on other pressing matters that require your financial attention.

  1. Make Moving Easy

Easy Moving
The biggest headache with moving is the furniture. How to transport it from point A to B. Not only is this a physical challenge but a financial one as well. You must foot the entire bill of moving all your furniture. Even the pieces you no longer want.

Renting furniture eliminates this headache. When you decide to move, the furniture rental company will come and collect all their furniture and leave you to move with the little that is left. If they are available in your new location, hey presto! Your furniture returns.

  1. Live a Sustainable Life (No More Junk)

As you buy furniture over the years, some will fall out of favor. These outcasts become junk. Junk that must be stored somewhere or thrown out. This hurts the planet. In fact, anything that is not in use hurts the planet. That is what constantly buying things does. It creates more and more junk.

On the flip side, rented furniture lives on in the homes of other renters even after you return it. This closes the sustainability loop by ensuring nothing ever ends up as junk. The increased utility of the furniture also means less furniture must be made to meet existing demand.

  1. Become Part of the Sharing Economy

Become Part Of The Sharing Economy
The sharing economy is on the up and up. As populations increase and resources decrease, the need to share has become a necessity. Sharing helps balance out demand and supply by increasing overall utility of goods.

Buying furniture limits this utility while renting increases it. By choosing to rent, you join the millions of people choosing to share things rather than own them. This helps develop a more sustainable way of living that does not add pressure to already limited resources.

Just like buying a car will soon be meaningless, buying furniture will slowly become a thing of the past as well. Choosing whether to embrace it now or later is the only question that remains.

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