5 Reasons To Install An Automatic Garage Door Opener


Automatic Garage Door Opener

It is essential for a modern person that the elements around him work quickly and efficiently, which will allow him to spend his time on more important things. Cars have already become an indispensable way of moving between home, work, and other places, providing maximum comfort. In order for the car to operate as long as possible, it is necessary to create suitable conditions for it. It often needs a garage because it is not advisable to leave a car in the open air or under a shed.

The choice of garage doors and the method of opening them are especially important. Mechanics is a common and cheap option, but it is with the help of automation that a person can experience the high level of comfort that he deserves.

How To Choose Automation For Garage Doors?

  1. An automatic garage door opener is designed to lift a certain weight, so for less wear, give preference to a model that will be able to handle a heavier door.
  2. To minimize the risk of mechanical damage to the drive, consider the potential frequency of use. If the opener is intended for permanent use, then order the product with an intensity of 100%.
  3. A big advantage is the ability to switch to manual control if a power outage occurs.
  4. Automation for garage doors must be made of quality materials and have quality control certificates.
  5. Consider an important aspect: what type of fencing system the equipment is intended for, since the opening mechanism differs significantly between designs.

5 Advantages Of Automatic Garage Door Openers


The ability to stay in the car while opening and closing the door is the main thing. Just press one button on the remote control, and the door will open or close. The advantage of automatic doors over manually opening ones is especially well felt in the cold season or in strong winds. For drivers with disabilities, door automation is a must.


A powerful electric drive allows you to free the exit from the garage or adjacent territory very quickly. For example, sliding gates’ leaf speed is about 10-12 meters per minute. Swing gates require approximately 15 seconds to open fully. In industrial facilities, high-speed automatic rolling doors are often used, the speed of which can be 2.5 meters per second.


Gate automation manufacturers guarantee the high-quality performance of their products for a long time. The simplest garage doors can easily withstand up to 25 thousand open/close cycles. Automation for industrial gates provides up to 100 thousand such cycles.


You may not have known, but it is quite challenging to hack modern automatic gates. If an intruder wants to illegally enter the territory of your garage, then you will know for sure about this and will be able to take all the necessary measures. So your car will be completely protected from criminals.

Variety Of Options

In the modern automation market, you can find openers for swing, sliding, up-and-over, and sectional doors, for domestic and industrial models of any size and weight, control units programmable according to customer requirements, and other useful accessories. You can find out more about each model in the National Garage door openers catalog.

Automatic garage doors are gaining popularity as more and more people realize how practical they are. Automation can be easily installed even on ready-made gates. The whole process takes from 5 to 10 hours, depending on the type of doors. Do not deny yourself the comfort – if you have a garage, this is already the number 1 reason to buy an automatic garage door opener.

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  1. It’s nice that you mentioned how the ability to stay in the car while opening and closing the door is the main thing of automatic garage door openers. Our garage door is an old type that you have to manually open and close so we’re thinking of having it replaced. I heard smart garage door openers are good as it is more modern and highly convenient.



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