5 Reasons To Install Solar Panels For Your Las Vegas Business


Installing Solar Panels

This past decade, from 2010 to 2020, the solar energy industry grew significantly in almost all states across America. And one of the places that take the spotlight when it comes to solar energy markets is Las Vegas, Nevada. So, if you have a business in Las Vegas and have not yet gone solar, you should read through this article to know more about why you should consider installing solar panels.

Here are five of the many reasons to go solar for your Las Vegas business.

  1. Save On Your Utilities

Solar energy’s greatest benefit, regardless if it is installed for residential or for commercial purposes, is that it can lower or completely eradicate your electric expenses. Now, if you are managing a business, you know for sure that utilities, particularly electric bills, can pile up as soon as the lights are turned on at the start of your operating hours. Going solar can help you save tons of money as it can significantly cut your utility costs.

  1. Pack Up Extra Power

Does your building have extra space? Or do you have access to barren lands where you can install? If yes, then you could collect the sun’s energy and store it for extra power for future use. In some states, the local power provider may buy solar energy from you. Therefore, you can even make extra money using your stored energy.

  1. Green Is Great

The sun provides a sustainable kind of energy. It does not produce a carbon footprint, which allows your business to gain the support and respect of many consumers. Ultimately, going green through switching to solar energy might be one of the greatest contributions that you can do to preserve the environment.

You have a resource that offers clean energy without the risk of being diminished. Going solar also gives you an eco-friendly badge from various organizations, which takes your business up a notch against competitors. So, there is no reason not to go solar. Right?

  1. High ROI

The decision to shift to solar power continues to prove to be a smart decision for many Las Vegas businesses because of its benefits from government tax incentives and utility savings over time. Although the initial investment may entail a large amount, going solar has proven to bring a higher ROI than any other energy resource.

  1. LEED The Way

Have you ever heard about LEED and why it is one of many businesses’ most coveted goals? This recognition means that your business components, be it your operations, structure, methods, and designs, promote sustainability. If you meet the criteria and the deciding body approves, then you will receive a LEED certification. As not all businesses can achieve it, having this kind of certification will put you on top of the rest.

What You Need To Know About Going Solar In Las Vegas

Solar Energy

Whether you have a start-up, small, or large business, shifting to solar energy can greatly affect your company. Fortunately, it is in a good way. So, what is stopping you from going solar in the next month? Here are some quick facts that you should know if you wish to install solar panels in your Las Vegas business to ease up your worries.


The average of an entire system in Las Vegas is approximately $2.32 per watt (since November 2019). It means that if you have a 6-kilowatt system, you need to invest about $13,920. This amount might seem intimidating at first, but you will know that these numbers are before the government provides you with incentives as you understand more. Moreover, many solar loan providers offer zero-down payment schemes to those interested in it.


Before, NV Energy gave solar rebates to those who installed solar systems below 25 kilowatts. The incentive is $245 per kilowatt, which lowered to $150 per kilowatt after several months. This rebate incentive ended in 2019.

Tax Credits

Unfortunately, Nevada does not offer solar tax credits, but all American citizens can file claims to lessen their federal tax liability. You can get as much as 26% of the total cost of your solar system. Once your claim gets approved, the cost of your system can go down to about $10,300.

Net Metering

You can harness solar energy at any time of the day. During summer days, you may garner more than what you need to run your business. You can sell your extra power to your utility provider if there is no need for you to use the excess energy. In return, you will receive a credit for 1-kilowatt hours (kWh) of energy in instances when you cannot utilize solar energy. Typical examples are during the night time or severe storms. You will then receive a billing of the net cost of kilowatt-hours you got from the grid over the energy you provided.

For example, you produced 500 kWh of excess solar energy to your grid. And, you used 600 kWh running your business at night. Then, your electric bill at the end of the month will reflect 0 kWh, which is your net electric usage.

Self-Paying Potential

With such an important investment, you might be wondering if your solar system has the potential of paying for itself in Las Vegas. Our answer is a big YES!

Las Vegas solar systems typically take more or less seven years to support their remaining costs via the utility bills savings. It works like a payback payment. If you want to shorten the payment time, the smartest way is to install solar panels the soonest to have the best feed rate for your extra energy.

Electricity Output

In sunny Las Vegas, your 1-kilowatt solar panels can produce about 1,570 kWh yearly. It is best if your panels are facing south.

Final Thought

Solar energy is the most cost-effective, eco-friendly way, and sustainable form of power that you can use to power your appliance and equipment to run your business. It entails a huge amount of investment, but if you are looking into making your business successful and having it run for decades, then going solar might be one of your best decisions ever. Seek the help of a reliable solar company in Las Vegas for sound and objective advice to help you make decisions for your business.

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