5 Reasons Why You Need Window Shutters


Windows shutters add a lot of value to a home after they’re installed. In residential areas, shutters give the home character. However, there are five key reasons why they’re beneficial.

  1. Protection And Shielding

Protection And Shielding

In the summer, the sun can shine intense light through windows. This is a big problem because the direct light that enters a home causes heat gain. If you have an HVAC system, heat gain can impact its performance of the hottest days by making important cooling components work harder. Also, when excessive heat builds up in a home, it can trigger an air conditioner’s cooling cycles more often, and the frequent starting and stopping could wear down the equipment.

While shutters over windows, they block sunlight, trap air, and shield everyone from the outside world. When curtains are completely closed, they effectively prevent glare on a television screen and other glass panels.

Because shutters have adjustable rods, you can control the visibility. For example, if you want to monitor kids outdoors on your driveway and block sunlight, you could partially open the shutters. You can shut curtains this way while they’re hanging over a single-pane or double-pane window. You can also order the other kinds of windows here.

  1. Custom Options

Custom Options

The latest shutters are available in many shapes and sizes. However, you don’t have to buy standard options that are on display because custom designs are available, as well. Custom shutters have convenient measurements and configurations that give homeowners opportunities to enhance different types of windows.

When picking custom shutters, select a size that’s slightly taller and wider than the installation spot. By adding about an inch to the final measurements, you’ll have the ability to hang the shutters in place without any restrictions.

You may still need to trim the shutters to get the best possible fit. For this task, the following tools can help you decorate the materials:

  • A Radial Arm Saw
  • A Miter
  • A Table
  1. Light Management

Window Shutters

After you install a pair of shutters, you can manage how and where the light shines into your home. Stutters control light well because they have solid slats. On a sunny day, sunlight seeps through these slats when they’re entirely or partially opened. You can use the slats to

  • Nourish plants: Houseplants need nourishment to grow, and they get most of their nutrients from sunlight. While shutters are in place, you can control how much sunlight every plant gets by your windows throughout the day.
  • Warm-up: On cold days, temperatures will drop around windows indoors dramatically. By closing a pair of shutters, you’ll contain hot air from the HVAC system that flows out of vents. If you install shutters and keep them closed often, all heating cycles will be quicker, and your monthly energy costs will decrease.
  1. Security

Window Shutters Security

On most shutters, there is a lock or latch that adds a layer of protection. Both of these components serve one purpose, which is to keep curtains closed after they’re shut. The significant benefit is that a latch or lock is the first line of security for a window. This means that an intruder will have to break the lock on the shutters and a window to gain access to a home.

  1. Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

Great shutters can give your home curb appeal. You can make your siding stand out by picking any of the following shutter designs:

  • Paneled: Paneled shutters are available in recessed and raised varieties. Some manufacturers also make paneled shutters that are flat. These shutters have an excellent profile that blends well with siding on a modern or vintage home.
  • Louvered: Louvered shutters have slats of wood that overlap. If your house has architectural elements that lack flair, louvered shutters can take the design to the next level. Every louvered shutter has uniformed slats that turn heads and a wood housing that highlights bold paints.
  • Board and Batten: Board and batten shutters are designed for homes that have rustic characteristics. You can hang board and batten shutters on a vintage New England-style house to give it’s interior a town and country vibe.

Window shutters can provide comfort, retain heat, and boost curb appeal. If you have a home in Australia that needs new paneling, visit a local supply store that stocks window shutters Brisbane.

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