5 Requirements For Car Exportation You Need To Know


When you need a car for personal or commercial use, you go to the local dealer and pick your choice. New models of cars are introduced into the market almost every year, and old models used for unglamorous purposes. Sometimes, the brand of car you are looking for is not found with local dealers, and you have to get it from elsewhere. The next thing you should do is contact a car dealer abroad and negotiate. However, you must be patient enough because there are requirements that can delay the exportation of cars.

Your car can hold at customs, and this delay may incur more costs for the owner. If there is an error, the container carrying your vehicle can send back to the warehouse. The longer your car is left in the warehouse, the more fees the car owner has to pay. However, all ports are not the same, and their prices differ.

So, whether you are the car owner or the buyer waiting on the other side of the boundary, here are some requirements you should keep in mind.

  1. Get Your Car Original Title

Get Your Car Original Title

You must possess a document to prove that you are the owner of the car you are sending out of the country. The paper must be original, not photocopies, and must contain the date of purchase, identification number, and registration number as well. Customs will delay or reject shipping your car if this document is missing.

  1. Provide Car Title Assignment

Provide Car Title Assignment

If the car is not new, many car owners may have used it before being exported. If that is the case, a title assignment should include in the documents submitted to customs. The times and dates the car changed hands must be spelled out on the report.

  1. Produce Your Payment Proof

Buying A Car

In most export activities, someone had already paid for the car before the export arrangements made. As the car owner, you should get ready to show the bill of sale at customs. However, not all ports require you to submit this document, but try and take it along in case you are required to provide it too.

  1. Car Import Duties At Port Of Destination

Car Import Duties At Port Of Destination

While your car can be shipped anywhere in the world, you should know that your financial obligations do not end until you park your car safely in your garage. You must ensure that you are ready for import duties and taxes at your local customs once you notified that your vehicle had arrived. 

  1. Check The Condition Of The Car

Check The Condition Of The Car

While this requirement comes last, it is one of the first things to check before you move your car from the port. It is advisable that you clean up the vehicle, request for spare keys, and disable any car security systems. Also, make sure that the fuel tank is filled up to one-fourth of its size and try to protect the car from harsh conditions by applying anti-freeze.

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