5 Roofing Options To Improve Your Home’s Exterior


When looking for the right roofing option to suit your home, making the decision can be tricky – there are many material and design options to choose from, so how do you know what will improve your home’s exterior the most?

Some factors that you should think about when choosing your new roof are:

  • The overall style of your home
  • Local building regulations and any other building codes set by Australia
  • How energy efficient do you need your roof to be
  • The structure of the roof

Here are five roofing options to improve your home’s exterior:

  1. Slate Roof

Slate Roof

A roof that deteriorates quickly will only make your home’s exterior look shoddy and uncared for, which is why slate roofs are so great. This type of roofing is so durable that, in comparison, every other roofing option seems like paper. This heavy stone is laid thickly on a roof, so it will require enough structural strength to hold it up due to its weight.

  1. Rubber Roof

Rubber Roof

Rubber roofs are simple to maintain, which makes keeping a nice looking home exterior easier for you. Similar to slate roofing, rubber roofing will keep your home’s exterior looking nice for a long time while also resisting weather conditions and harmful UV rays. This type of roofing is excellent for garage roofs, flat roofs, and any extensions you might add to your home.

  1. Terracotta Tiles

Terracotta Roofing Tiles

Terracotta roofing tiles are made of natural clay that is topped with a glaze. The colour of this material gets locked in, allowing the colour to last a very long time and keep your home’s roof and overall exterior looking neat and pristine.

  1. Steel Roof

Steel Roof

Metal is a pretty popular material used for roofing as it is environmentally friendly due to being made out of many recycled materials. Steel is a great material because it can hold against harsh climate conditions, and it’s an attractive painted finish that is baked on will last a very long time as well.

Steel roofs are very easy to install and offer an efficient installation process, which is great if you are pressed for time. However, the downside to any metal roofing is that it may rust over time, which does not look good on a home’s exterior.

  1. Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete Tile Roof

Concrete tiles are a cheaper option than terracotta tiles, and they come with the added benefit of being able to look like almost any other roof style and material. Since concrete is so versatile in its look, you can count on being able to match it to the style of your home and have it designed to complement your home’s exterior.

Popular Roofing Styles

There are many different types of roof shapes and types out there, and the different variations will each give your home a different distinct look. Some styles are more complex and will cost a little more than others, while simpler designs will be less expensive. If you are looking for affordable roofing, check out Newcastle Roofing Specialist’s website at http://newcastleroofingspecialist.co.uk.

Here are some popular roofing styles that are available:

  • Flat

Flat roofs, contrary to their name, do have a small pitch that is designed to help water runoff. This roof style is simple to construct and is safer for standing on. However, while this style is more easily accessible, it does tend to require a little more maintenance compared to other types of roofs.

  • Gabled

If you need attic space, a gabled roof may be the best option for you. This roof style features a triangular shape that is always a classic, so you can’t go wrong here.

  • Hip

Depending on the shape of your home, a hipped roof could have three or more planes that are pitched. These planes have a downwards slope from a ridge that lies at the top of the roof. Hipped roofs are stable even in areas that experience high winds, and they also provide shady eaves.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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