5 Saving Space Design Ideas For A Small Apartment


You may have moved to a big city with lots of hopes and dreams, expecting to make a life for yourself. Many other people have the same idea and move to the big city in the hope of finding their feet. This is why most rentals are so expensive, which means that we have to adjust to making the most out of our smaller, cheaper rentals. You may even consider moving to a communal living apartment with various other occupants. If you are considering this, you will need to know how to make the most out of small spaces. Below are a few tips for you.

Small Apartment Ideas

Small Apartment Ideas

  1. Hideaway Storage – there is a way of storing the stuff you love by hiding them away., this may sound a little sinister; however, it can be hidden using smart storage solutions, which also can be used as a seating arrangement. There are many other ideas that you will find online for hideaway storage. They may not be too obvious, and you may not be too keen on them, but it is an excellent way of conserving space in your room or apartment. You can even consider using you’re getting a window seat, which doubles up as a storage unit.
  2. Collapsible Items – consider buying collapsible things like folding chairs and tables, maybe even a folding bed. These can ultimately save lots of space in your home while still ensuring that you have the items you need. When the items are not being used, they can be neatly folded and stored in a corner or under your bed. They can even be stacked so that space is used well.
  3. Try Including Furniture In Your Bathroom – there are so many ways to store things in your bathroom and look for ideas online. They look great and are ideal for cleverly storing your things in an organized manner. Try using basket storage or even add a basin with a set of draws. Here you may store some essentials neatly and conveniently.
  4. Think About The Doors In Your Home – look at the doors in your home, and consider whether they are needed. Get the necessary permission beforehand and remove doors that don’t need to be there. Removing a door can open the entire space. You will be able to turn a closet into an office space, which will immediately open more space in your living room.
  5. Hang Stuff On The Wall – when considering storage, you must be smart and thrifty. Hang stuff on the wall so that you do not need to store it. You need to be creative and think outside the box when doing this.

Try These Tips As Well

Installing Shelves

  1. Consider Installing Shelves – install shelves to ensure that you have more space. Things can be stored neatly on shelves and off the ground, allowing you to enjoy more space for other things. Try to install shelves wherever you can, in every room that you can. Floating shelves look great, and they are very stylish and modern.
  2. Spice Racks – try adding spice shelves inside your cupboards rather than outside or on your counters. This may seem like a small change, but it makes a big difference. Since you live in the city, you will also need to know how to eat on a budget. Be selective in your spice selection and try to choose spices that can be added to most dishes so that you don’t have many bottles, just a few important ones.
  3. Use Behind The Door Shoe Holders – you can store more than just shoes in them, and they are affordable. You can store anything in these, like t-shirts, underwear and other items. You can decide what you want to store in them, don’t follow any rulebook. You are the master of your storage solutions.
  4. Utilize A Pegboard – make use of a pegboard in your kitchen to hang pots and pans. You will have to cook if you are living on a budget and following your dreams. Ensure that your kitchen is not cluttered and that you are regularly preparing meals, and have it designed according to your taste and in a way that saves spaces and uses space well.
  5. Sectional Sleeper Sofas – use a sectional sleeper sofa that can allow sleeping comfortably and still saves space and perfectly fits a small living space.

There are so many ways to use small spaces well. Try making small changes as they will make a difference. Remember that there is a greater end than just living for today, you have dreams and goals that you want to achieve, and they start with humble beginnings.

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