5 Signs You Need An HVAC Repair


Signs You Need An HVAC Repair

The average lifespan of an HVAC unit is between 15 and 25 years. During this lifespan, your HVAC will need to be regularly serviced, and sometimes, despite regular maintenance, repairs will be necessary.

If you’re experiencing strange noises or weak airflow, it may be time to consider Furnace Repair San Jose to ensure your HVAC system is functioning properly.

But how do you know when you need HVAC repair? Continue reading to learn about five signs you should call an HVAC technician today.

  1. Energy Bill Spikes

Energy bills can change slightly from one month to the next based on factors like price volatility, extreme weather conditions, and current economic conditions. But these shifts shouldn’t be drastic from one month to the next.

If you notice that your bill has spiked significantly over a short period, it could be that your HVAC system isn’t operating efficiently.

  1. Unusual Noises

Central heat and air, gas furnaces, and other types of HVAC units all make noises when they run. You’re probably familiar with the sounds of your units turning on or off.

But, if you notice that your unit is louder than usual or is making noises you haven’t heard before, it’s time to schedule an appointment for HVAC repair.

  1. Bad Smells

Your HVAC unit shouldn’t smell bad at any point. If you notice smells like rotten eggs, burning, or a musty smell, shut your unit off immediately and call a repair technician.

This could signal a serious problem like a gas leak or mold and mildew inside the vents.

  1. Short Cycles

Your air conditioner and heater don’t run all the time – if they do, that’s a bonus reason to schedule HVAC maintenance. Instead, your home HVAC units are designed to run in cycles. During these cycles, your system heats or cools your house to the desired temperature, then shuts off for a while.

If your system is turning on and immediately shutting off (or vice versa), this signals a big problem. Call to schedule a repair appointment before your system either breaks beyond repair from overworking or causes your energy bills to rise dramatically.

  1. You Haven’t Had HVAC Maintenace In A Year or More

Regular HVAC maintenance is crucial to ensuring your system makes it to its expected lifespan so you can get the greatest return on investment. Ideally, you’ll have at least one maintenance appointment each year, although older units may need it twice a year.

Has it been longer than a year since you had a licensed HVAC technician clean and check your unit? Then you should schedule it now before lack of upkeep causes significant problems.

Learn More About HVAC Repair Today

There are several signs you may need to call an HVAC repair company, from bad smells and unusual noises to energy bill spikes and short cycles.

If you’d like to learn more about HVAC repair or heating and cooling systems in general, check out our other blog posts. You’ll find a wealth of information on this and closely related topics that can help you understand the subject further.

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  2. It’s nice that you pointed out how the HVAC system might not be operating efficiently if you notice that the bill has spiked significantly over a short period. I noticed that our energy bills have been unnaturally high over the past two months and we suspect that it might be because of our use of the heating unit. There might be a problem with the heater right now, so we should probably ask a heating contractor to check it out for us.


  3. With how short our furnace cycles have become, it’s probably a big sign that we really need to do something about it. I can bet that regular maintenance will be the best way to get things back to normal and have us stay warm for the last few weeks of the cold season. Once I find a furnace expert in the area, I’ll ask them for some help for sure.



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