5 Signs You Need To Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned


There are parts of the house you know when you need to clean them. You can see that they look dirty or they have an unpleasant odor.

Then there are parts of the house which you can easily forget about because you can’t see them. Those are the ones that creep up on you until you have no choice but to deal with the mess.

Air ducts in your home fall into that category – you can’t see them and forget they need to get cleaned. However, to help you out, the air ducts have their ways of telling you how badly you need to clean them.

So, if you notice any of the following signs, that is when you likely need to do some air duct cleaning.

  1. Dusty

Dusty Air Ducts

When the air ducts are functioning, they should not be blowing out and visible debris or dust. When you turn on the HVAC system and see and smell dust, that is a good indication the air ducts should be cleaned. Pay attention to any musty smells.

  1. Mold Or Mildew

Mold or Mildew

If you come across mold or mildew growing around the air registers, that is a warning sign you need to take seriously and act quickly. Mold can be quite dangerous if breathed in or ingested, so the sooner you can catch it, the better.

Mold can also be a sign of more than just dirty air ducts. It could mean you have a more severe problem growing in your entire home. However, if you notice the mold and mildew are isolated to the air ducts, a thorough clean, vacuum, and sanitize should do the trick.

  1. Uneven Airflow

Uneven Airflow from Air Ducts

The air ducts help circulate the air throughout the home. If you notice some areas of the house have better air circulation than others, there’s a good chance your air ducts need a good clean. As you clean the ducts, take a good look to ensure there isn’t a more severe problem like degrading or rips in the ducts.

  1. You Don’t Know When They’ve Been Cleaned.

Professional Air Duct Cleaning

One of the best ways to determine if you need to clean not just your air ducts, but things, in general, is when you can’t remember or have no record of them being cleaned at all. If you cannot find any records of you having they cleaned or from the previous owners, you’re best to go ahead and clean them.

  1. You Have Allergy Symptoms

Air Duct Cleaning

A sure sign of clogged air ducts that need cleaning is based on your health. Typically, when the air ducts need a clean, the house will be dusty. When you breathe in dust, it will trigger allergy-like symptoms, including sneezing, running nose, coughing, and even increased asthma attacks.

Pay attention to how you are feeling. If you notice you are sneezing and coughing more than usual, it could mean the air quality in your home is poor, and the air ducts need a clean.

If you notice any of these five signs in your home, you should check your air ducts. It is easy to forget about them because we never see them. However, the reality is, they are just as important as those you do see and need to be regularly maintained.

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