5 Simple Home Maintenance Tips You Must Know


Home maintenance is the right way to prevent anything from breaking if you know how to do it. Regularly performing the maintenance task can help you keep the things in many proper ways. Now you don’t have to call or rush in an emergency. We will teach you some tips and tricks about home maintenance. By these backup plans you will feel like a pro. So if you face any difficulty you don’t have to rush and grab your phone for a call. All you have to do is to follow these utmost tips. By these simplest tips you can clean, maintain, and keep your home safe.

  1. Toilets

Toilet Design Ideas
Water leakage in your toilet is a common thing but when it comes to the bathroom floor or other accessories it can cause a heavy damage. First find out if your toilet tank is leaking or not? To find out you have to take a color test. Yes, you are right. Add some red food color in your water tank and take rest for about an hour. After an hour observe the color of water, if it turns pink then you have a water leakage.

If toilet is leaking form tank then you have to replace the flapper. to replace a flapper you need to stop the water supply. Turn off the water valve. Detach the tank lid and flush until the tank gets empty. Separate flush chain, take off old flapper and attach the new flapper.

  1. Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning
Air Conditioning can be the expensive one when it comes to repairing it. Observe regularly the condensation tube to make the water flow freely. If the water is standing then create a path using small trowel. Keep the screen free from waste so it can help to cool the temperature faster.

  1. Paint

Repainting the whole interior can cause you much cost and time. You can touch up the walls by the remaining paint or you can buy it from the shop. If you have spots or stains on your walls which you want to cover then first apply stain blocker before using the paint. If you have an odor issue, add few drops of vanilla in your paint tub this will help the wall to dry quickly and minimize the odor.

  1. Refrigerators

Refrigerator Maintenance
The main element of a refrigerator is the door seal. If your refrigerator’s door seal is tight it will take less amount of energy for keeping the food cool and fresh. First test the door seals by pulling it out when the door is closed by dollar bills. If it slides out easily then it is the time to purchase a new door seal.

  1. Gutters

Repairing Gutters
Gutters are the unnoticed thing in your house when it comes to cleaning. It is designed to gather the water from your roof. Clean your gutters after six months by rinsing them with water and removing waste materials so it will not damage gutters.

You can get a caulking gun here to work on the maintenance of your home.

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