5 Simple Ways to Brighten Up Your Home This Fall


It is nice to be able to change the look of your home to coincide with the different seasons. It breathes a new life to your home’s decor and it is beneficial to your well-being. Changing a few things in your home to give it a lighter, brighter look is a project that anyone can undertake. When the weather is starting to turn, it is time to give your home the makeover it needs with these five simple ways to brighten up your home.

Accent Pillows

Accent Pillows

The right colors and patterns on pillows can bring a pop of unexpected color to the palate of a room. Mix and match different sizes, styles, and colors to heighten the visual interest of the design. Decorating for the fall season should incorporate cool colors such as emerald green, burnt orange, gold, and burgundy in the materials and adornments. You can use these pillows to line the seat of a couch or a window bench seat. Specific colors can be repeated throughout the living space to create a flow for your visitor’s eye to follow around the space.

Floral Touches

Floral Touches

Adding flowers to a room always makes it more beautiful. Fall floral bouquets contain a mixture of seasonal colors and festive options for vases and arrangements. The rich orange, gold, and burgundy colors are both bold and incredibly beautiful at the same time. Arranging these flowers in a faux pumpkin creates a visually stunning display for a centerpiece on the dinner table, an attractive collection for a side table, or arranged and hung as a wreath. Arrangements with both live and dry flowers make for particularly attractive fall arrangements and wreaths.


Traditional Paint

It is easy to make a big impact for little money when you utilize the most of your space and color options by painting one wall as a focal color. Choosing which wall and which color choices are best can be discussed with professionals like Princeton Classic Homes, a luxury home builder in Houston, before you move in to your new individualized home. Choosing the right color will bring out the brightness in the room and maximize the natural sunlight that is available. It will also allow you a wide variety of choices for accompanying colors to bring out the best in the design.


Tropical Wall Mirrors

Increasing the amount of natural light that enters and bounces around the room will increase the brightness of the space. Mirrors are a simple and quick solution to gaining more natural light in a room. Hanging mirrors directly opposite of sunny windows will reflect the greatest amount of light and bounce it around, which can double the natural light in the space in a matter of moments.


Eclectic Floor Rugs

Adding a rug to a space will add visual interest as well as help keep the room warmer in the cool months. Lighter colored rugs will reflect more light and help to enhance the natural lighting of the room. A light colored rug with pops of color can be integrated with matching or contrasting pillows and paint color to create drama and interest in the room while increasing the intensity of the light available.

The winter months can be a lonely and dreary time. Keep your spirits high by making some minor changes to your home and introducing as much natural light into your home as possible. Adding items of interest such as colorful pillows, flowers, new paint, additional mirrors, and colorful area rugs will increase the interest and design of a room without compromising the amount of natural light it receives. Be prepared for the darker days of winter by incorporating these ways to brighten up your home.

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Preeti Shah is a person who loves checking out different styles and designs of houses. She took interior designing in college and is practicing in the field of home improvement for five years now. In her spare time, she is usually searching the web for interesting and fascinating home designs.


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