5 Smart Home Devices That Pay For Themselves


If it seems a little frivolous to have an expensive system installed to activate your lights’ voice, you might be right. But, living in the home of the future doesn’t have to be expensive. Convenient, unique home solutions can save you a ton of money. Our favorite smart home solutions cut down on your monthly bills instead of adding to them.

  1. Mitsubishi Ductless AC Systems

Mitsubishi Ductless AC Systems

Not just an air conditioner, this intuitive system can cool only the rooms that you need to be cool, saving you energy costs. The idea is simple; you divide your home into zones that you might need to be cooled at different times, like your kitchen and dining area, your home office, and your bedroom. You install a ductless AC unit in each zone, and the room you’re in stays nice and cool without wasting money by cooling the rest of the home.

  1. Ecobee Smart Thermostats

Ecobee Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats have motion sensors, so they know which room you’re in. It’ll tell your ductless AC system which rooms need to be cold or have your furnace kick. Ecobee finds their US customers save an average of twenty-three percent on their energy bills. Plus, we love the Ecobee4 because it has Amazon’s Alexa built-in. If you can’t justify getting Alexa’s voice service on its own, buying the Ecobee4 can save you money and allow you to buy groceries while cleaning out your fridge.

  1. American Standard Silver 95h Gas Furnace

American Standard Silver 95h Gas Furnace

If you have a smart thermostat, investing in an equally efficient furnace only makes sense. You don’t have to turn on your heater often in California, but why not save energy when you do? The American Standard Silver 95h Gas Furnace is called 95 because it turns 95 percent of the energy it uses into fuel. That’s impressive efficiency that few furnaces can match. Every penny you save on heating is money can put towards cooling more in the summer.

  1. August Smart Lock

August Smart Lock

Even when you have insurance, theft can cost you. Insurance may not cover the full value of your stolen items, never mind the sentimental value of your prized possessions. To prevent theft, automatic locking systems can allow you to lock the door from anywhere if you’ve forgotten about it. The problem is that most require you to install a new lock and cut a bunch of new keys for your family. It’s an expensive hassle.

August Smart Lock is different. You can use it with your existing lock and keys. It installs quickly. Plus, it also lets you unlock the door for those who don’t have keys, so you don’t need to hide a key outside or drive back home to let them in. The doorbell camera will let you confirm you’re letting the right person inside.

  1. Rachio 3

Rachio 3

Those with large gardens or lawns are all too familiar with high water bills. The Rachio smart sprinkler system can significantly reduce them for you. Much like the ductless air system that divides your home into zones, the Rachio 3 divides your lawn into zones, some that need water more often and some that rarely need watering. You can adjust each zone to a unique schedule. The Rachio also takes your weather into account—it knows not to water your plants when it’s raining. It also considers soil types while developing watering schedules, watering well-draining sandy soil more than soft clay soils. Now that’s smart.

Here are our top 5 smart home devices, but if they were a top 6, we would definitely recommend Piqo, the Pocket-sized Portable HD Projector! 2 inches were enough to create the smartest projector with a compact, durable, and very intuitive design. Wherever you go, you can bring Piqo with you and enjoy its cinematic power and Hi-Fi speakers. Compatible with more than 3600 apps, its 250-inch widescreen will amaze your family and friends during your future Netflix and game nights.


Don’t fall for flashy but pointless smart home accessories. Instead, invest in smart home devices that are smart for your budget too.

Bottom Line

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