5 Steps In Choosing The Furniture Perfect For Your Outdoor Space


Furniture For Your Outdoor Space

When styling your patio, garden, or balcony, don’t just order a bunch of outdoor furniture and carelessly put it all together in one space, hoping that it’ll look good. It doesn’t work that way.

Perking up your custom outdoor spaces entails a lot of planning, more than you think. Because your patio deserves to get the same kind of attention your kitchen or guest room got when you were designing them. After all, the outside is still part of your house.

When designing it, having a coordinated style that enhances the space’s look and feels is essential. It’s also good to note that the furniture you’re placing must also work well with the space’s very function.

While many options are available online and in your local upholsteries, scouring through all these pieces can be tedious. Good thing the crafty and creative minds from SLH Furniture taught us the steps in looking for the best furniture that’s perfect for any outdoor space!

Here are the top 5 steps that we learned from them:

  1. Decide On An Overall Theme

Picking a coherent style that matches your personal style and the space you’re sprucing up is a good place to start. The theme you choose will be your ultimate guideline in choosing the materials, colors, and texture for your furniture. So don’t miss this one up.

Your theme can be inspired by your favorite color or style motifs, such as tropical, coastal, or minimal. To pull off a perfect theme for your outdoor space, you must identify the theme’s key features and buy only the furniture that exhibits those elements.

For example, you decided to go minimalist with your theme. We suggest that you look for furniture that has features clean straight lines made from wood with a natural finish to enhance the wood grain element.

  1. Choose The Right Colours

Colors have the power to set the mood and tone of any space—especially your outdoor area. Dark and elegant colors like mahogany set a more mature vibe that is perfect for bars and lounges.

On the other side, oak and white shades can look posh and cool when placed in sunlit spaces. This combination can be perfect for spaces that are dedicated to family gatherings.

Along with the colors, you should also consider textures and prints too. Allowing yourself to play with these can perfectly bring out your style. Contrasting prints and bold colors can be tricky to play with but will surely bring many personalities. But remember, all of these should work well with the furniture and space itself.

  1. Look For Durable Materials

It’s only natural to pick the best high-quality material for your outdoor furniture since these pieces are the most exposed to the outdoor elements. You have to make sure that your furniture can withstand sunlight, dust, rain, etc.

These materials are the common options for furniture outdoors, from wood to plastic, metal, or polycarbonate. Each material has its strengths and weaknesses, so gauge what will work best for you and the outdoor space you’re designing.

Aside from the tables and chairs, don’t forget that the cushions, pillows, and umbrellas must not easily fade, too, when exposed to the elements.

  1. Set The Right Budget

Just a little warning, perking up your outdoor space can cut deep through your budget. Posh and high-quality pieces often entail hefty price tags. While you have an option to go for the cheaper ones, we’re not recommending it.

Cheaper furniture pieces are often made of low-quality materials and get easily damaged by constant exposure. If we’re in your shoes, we’d always go for the pricier yet more durable ones. It’s better for us to cash out a little extra than replace the cheap broken pieces now and then.

  1. Find The Right Measurements

Measure everything, from the entrance up to the farthest end of the space. This step will help you determine whether you can go for larger tables or wider sofas. Keep in mind that you’re fitting in the space, not only the pieces but also the people. Of course, you want your patio to be a relaxing space where people can move freely.

After doing all these steps and still can’t find the perfect style and sizes of furniture you have in mind, custom furniture is your best choice. Our friends at SLH Furniture are masters of the craft of making tailor-made furniture that will suit your specifics. So don’t hesitate to give them a call!

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