5 Steps to Getting Your Home on the Path to Fire Safety


The fire continues to be both one of the greatest discoveries of humankind and one of the biggest threats to life. We’ve grown out of the times when we used to live in huts made out of hay, wood, and other highly flammable objects, but a fire hazard is never too far around the corner. We can’t completely stop the blaze from wreaking havoc, but we can reduce the risk to a comfortable minimum. A disaster can be ignited by the smallest of things, so here’s how to make sure that you’re five steps further from it.

Wood on Fire

  1. Fireproof Glass For Your Windows

Glass doesn’t necessarily burn, but in the case of fire, they can become an obstacle that could cost you your life. The high temperatures of the flames can make the windows shatter. Not only are shards being projected everywhere highly dangerous, but the gap left behind is only going to add fuel to the fire. To prevent that, it’s best that you opt for windows that are fire-resistant. Double-paned glass windows are good choices because of their double glass layers. When the first one breaks, the second continues to resist the heat.

  1. Concrete For Roofing

Concrete is one of the top materials chosen by builders when trying to craft construction that’s fire-resistant. It’s noncombustible, and its low thermal activity means that the spread of fire can be delayed or even halted. Albeit, there aren’t that many options when it comes to choosing where to incorporate the material, but you can always count on it as an excellent variant for roofing construction. Fire is dangerous by itself; let’s not worry about the ceiling collapsing over us because of the heat too.

  1. Fire Alarms For Prevention

Fire alarms are the quickest and most common method chosen by people who wish to be one step closer to disaster prevention. You must conduct some thorough research on the brand you want to purchase, the reputation of the company, and seek out some reviews of the product. Regardless of how expensive it is, if a fire alarm system is greenlit as effective, then you should save up and acquire it. A high-quality fire prevention system is going to detect rising flames quickly.

Also, DYER Environmental recommends pairing up the fire alarm with a ventilation system that can filter out smoke. You can find several examples in closed-up, indoor spaces, such as elevators, where there is no contact with the outdoors.

  1. Gypsum For Perfect Protection

Also known as drywall, gypsum is a common under-layer for many structural materials thanks to its fire-resistant properties and the security that comes with it. Especially in the case of walls, gypsum is an interior design finishing touch that will be sheltered by the other materials on top of it, but which will serve as a silent protector against the wrathful flames. It can be mostly found in the form of a board, with the highest-rated one being Type X gypsum. This kind of drywall is polished with additives specifically to increase its fire-resistance.

  1. Brick For House Foundation

Bricks are popular construction materials not only for their sturdiness but because of their fireproof properties too. The only downside of building your walls out of bricks is the fact that this fire-resistance is moderately minimized by mortar, the substance that keeps them glued together. No, you can’t get rid of it, seeing how the house will most likely collapse before the first fire is even lit up. Depending on several other factors and used materials, a house founded on bricks can last between 1 and 4 hours during a fire hazard. Please consult an expert to exploit their properties to the maximum.

Last but not least, the best fire prevention comes with you. Don’t leave any lit candles unsupervised (or any fires in general) and always keep sources of fire away from flammable objects. Look up fireproof materials for your fireplace or coffee table.

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