5 Steps To Prepare Your Home Before A Professional Pressure Washing Job


Professional Home Pressure Washing Expert

Every home needs constant upkeep to make it livable and healthy for all the household members. As much as you need to perform chores for cleaning indoors, the same attention is required for your home exteriors. Dirt and grime usually build up over time, and these need to be removed regularly. Hence, hiring a professional pressure washing service is the best solution for your needs.

However, before these experts execute their pressure washing job, you have to perform some steps to prepare your household properly. Don’t invite these professionals over to your home without preparing the place thoroughly first. After all, you’d want the best outcome possible when investing in home improvement.

The following are the steps you should take before scheduling a professional home pressure washing expert:

  1. Ensure That All Windows And Doors Are Locked

Before the pressure washing of your home exteriors is carried out, it’s critical to ensure that all your windows and doors are locked. Check all the entryways, and ensure that they’re sealed tight. Water damage is the last thing you want as it’ll just add to your house’s problems. Hence, take the time to explore all your home’s exteriors and check for leaks and holes too. If there are possibilities of water seeping inside, you should inform the pressure washers.

By implementing the right movement of water pressure, professionals can better execute proper washing. Another thing you can do is to inspect the place earlier than planned so you’ll have ample time to seal the leaks and holes if there are any. You can head to the local hardware store and buy a sealant to ensure that all holes are leakproof.

Along with some other quick home improvement projects you can do, your home can now be a step closer to looking perfect again. So, get on with your house inspection, and have it ready for a good pressure washing.

  1. Clear Out Any Furniture Or Movable Items

Before the scheduled service, it’s best to keep your home’s surroundings as clear as possible. If you have outdoor furniture, plants, and other stuff, it’s best to hide them days before the scheduled pressure washing service. There should be plenty of room for the power washer to move around your home’s exterior so it can reach every nook and cranny. If there are things in the way, they won’t be able to power wash all of the corners and surfaces of your home, leaving you with outcomes you may not be satisfied with.

  1. Turn Off All Electricity Connections That May Get Wet

Turn off all electrical outlets and fixtures outside your home that are exposed to the elements. Be mindful of all-electric wirings, outlets, and switches that are out in the open and might be wet. Lighting fixtures should be covered with plastic and taped down around the edges to keep them dry while being cleaned. You can also request your contractors to avoid certain areas that come with electric circuits and voltage.

Pressure Washing

  1. Tarp Or Cover Your Plants In The Garden

Strong detergents might harm your precious plants and flower beds in the garden, so it’s best to cover your plants on the day of your scheduled home pressure washing. One effective covering to use is tarps. They’re recommended in protecting your greens from the pressure of the water and direct exposures to detergents. However, if you can’t find tarps, other covering alternatives such as painter’s plastic or drop cloths. Keep in mind to remove these coverings soon after the pressure washing so your plants won’t get overheated.

  1. Don’t Forget Your Pets And Kids

During the pressure washing session, for safety purposes, ask everyone in the family to stay inside the house until the process is finished. Please keep all your kids inside and let them play indoors in the meantime. Think of some inventive indoor family games to keep everyone safely tucked inside your home. If you have any pets outside, remember to keep them inside, too, during the cleaning process.

While it’s easy to remember your cats and dogs, don’t forget all your other pets like birds, and even your aquarium, for instance. Aside from ensuring that your pets are all safe, also consider the well-being of the pressure washer workers. Some pets can be a potential hazard for them. For instance, a dog may attack or bark at strangers, resulting in workers feeling stressed or endangered.


By now, you might already be comfortable with preparing for your house washing project. However, make sure to consider your options first before scheduling a pressure washing session with a reliable contractor. Remember to apply the tips included in this article before having the contractors come over. When you and your family are well-prepared for the service, you can get the best outcome possible and have a smooth and organized home exterior cleaning session.

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