5 Stylish Tips To Decorate Your Room In 2019


Decorating your room is a difficult task. We all dream of our room resembling the comfortable rooms we see in store catalogs or the series set in penthouses in downtown Manhattan. Those beds with thousands of layers of cushions, books stacked on the bedside tables and small light bulbs distributed throughout the room that gives a plus to the decoration.

Maybe your room isn’t in the heart of a big city. What it surely has are many memories accumulated in those four walls. Because to give that touch of personality when we begin to live, there is not an easy task. But that’s what makes it unique.

And yes, it’s true, it’s challenging to get up in the morning, and even more so when you’re comfortable in your bed. With the duvet on top and the first morning rays of sunshine. But it’s even more complicated when you feel that you have everything in order and the decoration is in full balance with your tastes.

If you want your room to look like one of the ones in the catalogs, just read this post, maybe the next one we’ll see is yours!

The first thing we should do is to think that our room is a sacred place for us. It is our temple, our space of relaxation, and escapes from the world. That’s why it has to be your place to make the most of every corner, but without recharging it. To find that central point that makes us feel 100% comfortable.

  1. Decorate The Room Wall

Decorate The Room Wall

The walls create a real environment and mark the space that we either want to highlight or hide. That’s why the color of the wall is essential for the atmosphere you want to give to the room.

Light colors will make your room look more spacious and gain depth. Also, it is recommended to paint the walls with neutral tones as they inspire tranquility and calm, and that, after all, is what we are looking for in a room.

However, you can paint a dark wall and highlight that area of the room. Giving small touches of color will make your room gain in personality.

Another idea is to put wallpaper on one of the walls with the print you like best or, if you dare, wallpaper the whole room with curtains which will also make it look bigger. This article talks precisely how to make a room look bigger with curtains which I would suggest to read

  1. Small Corners Of Light

Small Corners Of Light

Including small lights in certain places in your room makes that, apart from giving a warm touch, enlarges the space.

There are many types of lights, depending on the intensity and size of the focus we want to put. For example, we can put a vine of lights in the headboard of the bed and on shelves, or directly on the wall on flange photos.

You can also put lamps both standing and table. With both, you will get more intensity of light in space and will give a sense of depth.

  1. Make The Most Of Space

Living Room Space Organization

To make the most of your room, you can put several shelves and place them in a place where space is less crowded. For example, near the desk or next to the entrance door to the room.

Apart from being a decorative resource, you will gain storage space without the volume of the furniture feeling overwhelmed.

Placing several shelves or modules on top of your chest of drawers will also make you take even more advantage of your space. In addition to taking advantage of dead areas, it is a perfect place to place your favorite books.

To give it more prominence, you can place boxes of the same material to store things that we do not want to see. Now it is in the tendency to put several same wooden or wicker boxes on top to give that rustic and cozy touch to the environment.

  1. Don’t Forget The Bed

Contemporary Bedroom Furniture

One of the most critical and essential elements in a room is the bed, the furniture par excellence. Apart from the fact that your rest and state of mind depend on it, it can become a resource that gives another touch to your room.

Whether 90 cm, marriage or nest, a resource that will help you see your bed in another way is with the headboard as it is a prominent part, and express your personality.

Here you can play with many headboard sizes, thicknesses, and textures. In this way, you can give a minimalist, boho, elegant, or whatever you want to convey.

Without a doubt, it is a must that is totally in trend. If you are doubtful of which to choose, a rustic wooden headboard will always be a success.

  1. Decorate With Frames

Wall Decoration With Frames

We all have images or photos that inspire us and that we never tire of seeing. And what better way to see them every day than by framing them.

A tip that will help you see your room differently is to create your exhibition of memories.

In decoration, a very fashionable trend is to make galleries of pictures on the wall creating a beautiful collage. In this way, you can create a mural with plates, photos, drawings, and any material that you like and inspire.

A different way to combine frames is to dare to put different sizes of frames. With this, you will be able to give dynamism to your bedroom and to give another touch to the atmosphere.

The symmetry can be another great idea for this type of murals because you get a very original result. You can use frames with the same measures, getting an appearance of order and control.

Also, the combination of black and white frames and images is another perfect option. Choosing two or three colors can be very useful when creating a collage.

That hidden, empty wall in your bedroom won’t be the same anymore.

Put all these tips to work and get a new room, without having to invest a lot of money on it!

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