5 Super Hot Interior Design Trends In Singapore To Style Your Home


Singapore is one of the most progressive countries today, not just in South East Asia or Asia, but also in the whole world. Being a nation propelled by a brilliant educational system, the country has become a hub for professionals from all around the world in different fields. Numerous students from different countries are now availing services that may be able to give them the chance to study in Singapore.

One of the fields currently flourishing in the country is Architecture, as well as Interior Design. Due to the country’s current state as a young nation, these fields are provided with a vast range of options to breed new ideas.

Currently, there are 5 interior design trends that are taking Singapore by storm:

  1. The Minimalist

Minimalist Cozy Living Room
Asian architecture has been known around the world as the one to sport minimalism the best. Minimalistic designs utilize the space around the area to create ingenious ways to save more space. Unlike the classic Japanese minimalism which features less furniture, the current minimalistic designs that can be seen in Singapore boast space efficiency with the creation of multipurpose shelves, compartments and more.

  1. Geometric Designs

Modern Interior With Geometric Wooden Flooring
The one that best goes with minimalism, geometric designs are an efficient way to provide design elements in different parts of the house. Geometric design materials such as wall tiles can be placed anywhere which makes the motif very versatile and aesthetically pleasing. This decor can even be made to be functional, creating shelves and compartments.

  1. Nationalistic and Local

Beautiful Textured Walls
After the country has produced a plethora of homegrown designers, the nationalist-inspired designs soon started to make waves. In order to achieve this look, local materials and elements are placed and used to create decor and furniture. Cultural pieces close to the Singaporeans’ hearts, such as Peranakan tiles, are utilized not just for floor designs but also for walls.

  1. Indoor Gardens

Fabulous Indoor Garden
All around the world, environmental designs are also making their way to the top. Singapore is not an exception, and designers have lately been incorporating environmental elements in their designs. Due to the physical limitations of house areas, gardens are placed inside houses and even flats. Indoor gardens have a lot of versatility in them because of their controllable size and area.

  1. Industrial Aesthetics

LED Bulbs In Contemporary Kitchen
Much like the environmental design that is roaming the world today; industrial aesthetics are also having their fair share of fame today. This design features cable lights and exposed bulbs and pipes, which gives the area an unfinished vibe. The design aims to be simplistic and raw, rather than minimalistic, because of the numerous features such as the use of dividers and large shelves.

These are just a portion of the numerous designs that can be seen a lot in Singapore today. Many more designers are slowly making a name for themselves, creating seaside themed rooms which feature large windows as well as light-colored walls and furniture. In due time, the standards of aesthetics will shift, and a different batch of trends will begin to emerge.



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