5 Things to Check Before the Rain Hits Your House


Here is small checklist for 5 things to check before the monsoon season hits your home with its showers.

Baby Girl Enjoying Raindrop near Window Glass

Monsoon Tips1. Check whether there is a leakage in walls and roof

You must check your roof and wall of your house before rain hits, if there is any leakage than fix it. You can try waterproof coating to fill up cracks of your house. You must also check for the leakage in the foundation wall to protect the contents of your house.

2. Install ventilators for the removal of dampness

You must install ventilators in humid areas to avoid dampness. Dampness can create harm to the inhabitants and contents of the house. Also remember that there is cross ventilation through which fresh air can come to your house.

3. Check electrical fittings

Check your switches before they get exposed to rain. To stop the penetration of rainwater cover it and keep water seepage in your electrical room and also in the generator room to avoid electric shocks.

4. Protect wooden flooring from moisture

Rain water can spoil the quality of wooden articles in the house. You must see to it that your wooden floors are properly waxed or polished to protect it from moisture.

5. Don’t renovate your home during monsoon

If you want to renovate your house do this thing before or after monsoon. If you find any problem take the help of the professionals. After the completion of renovation take the decoration project later.


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