5 Things To Keep In Mind When Installing A Pool


Everybody loves a beautiful, clear-watered swimming pool. This might make you want to build a pool of your own. However, before you just jump in, there are a few things to keep in mind before starting.

Type Of Pool

Type Of Pool

Before starting your pool-journey, you need to do some research. What shape and size should the pool be? Will it be a pool above or below the ground? What type of circulation system will be used? These answers will determine the type of pool for you.


Cost Of Pool

This is an important component of any construction project. Depending on your answers to the previous questions, it will give you a good idea of the cost of your project.

You need to have a set budget ready. This will help you decide if you should change your current ideas, or if you should maybe wait until later to have a bigger budget available. It’s not worthwhile cutting corners to save money, especially if something goes wrong, and you don’t have any extra cash to salvage it.


Pool Construction

Make sure the correct procedures are followed when constructing the pool. When installing a swimming pool, there’ll likely be some electrical wires that are used for the pool or that run through the area where it’ll be placed. Think of electricity for lighting in the pool itself.

Should the wiring required not to be 5 feet spaced from the pool, these electrical wires must be put in underwater conduits. Make sure that it all adheres to regulations.



After all the construction is done, and your swimming pool is in, what is it that you want to see? This is where landscaping is essential. Having a pool is great, but the landscape around it will determine the entire aesthetic design and atmosphere.

Will you have to pave around your swimming pool? Do you want shade or none at all? Will, there be plants nearby, and if so, which ones? Other features to keep in mind are different lighting, a water feature, or even a wooden deck. Whatever fits into your idea and budget.

Avoid These Mistakes

Avoid These Mistakes

Location Of Your Pool

Keep in mind that you can’t move the pool once it’s built-in. It’s crucial to get the right location and to have space for extras, such as sunbathing, so it doesn’t become cramped around the edge.

Saving Money

Don’t try to save money by only focusing on the pool. End with the correct finishing touches, paving, lights, etc. When adding these things after the construction, the chances are that it will cost you more later on.

Using Cheap Contractors

Make use of qualified contractors and ask for examples of work done prior. Adding a swimming pool to your home should increase your property value, and by using the wrong companies, it will do the opposite.


The prospect of a new swimming pool is something to look forward to. Just make sure to follow all steps to enjoy your new project fully, so you don’t come up against any issues down the line.

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